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How to make a colorful smoke bomb for kids in just 11 steps

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How to make a colorful smoke bomb for kids in just 11 steps
How to make a colorful smoke bomb for kids in just 11 steps

Fireworks are very entertaining and the way we are going to present them is safe for children and much loved

In the coming lines, you will learn with her how to make a colorful smoke bomb for children with distinctive colors, using available materials, and in an easy and distinctive way. And adults too. Be careful while preparing this game as it uses flammable chemicals.

Necessary tools and materials

Baking soda, an essential ingredient for making colorful smoke bombs for kids

- Three tablespoons, or 60 grams, of potassium nitrate (sold in gardening stores, it is called rock salt).

- 2 tablespoons, or 40 grams of sugar.

- One teaspoon of baking soda.

- Three tablespoons, or 60 grams of organic tincture powder.

- Cardboard tube You can use a toilet paper roll.

- Sticky tape.

- pencil.

- Fireworks wick, available at hardware stores.

- Cotton pieces.

- Old frying pan.

- Heat resistant gloves.

How to make a colored smoke bomb at home

Be careful when preparing fireworks in general and smoke bombs in particular, because they depend on chemicals and some highly flammable materials.

1 - 60 grams of potassium nitrate is mixed with 40 grams of sugar, then the mixture is placed in a pan and placed on a low heat. Be careful not to deal with chemicals, so it is preferable to wear gloves.

2 - Leave the thread on the fire, stirring constantly, and leave until it turns brown and has a caramel-like texture. The mixture must be monitored because it may suddenly turn brown, and it takes only a quarter of an hour.

3 - After that, baking soda is added and stirred with the mixture on the fire. The soda may cause a chemical reaction, so be careful not to stir it with the mixture.

4 - On a small piece of paper, scoop out the thick, cream-like mixture.

5 - The dye is taken (which comes in the form of fingers and you can choose any color), where approximately two fingers are taken and then melted in a pan, it is recommended to prepare the color and put it in a cup before starting the preparation.

6 - When the mixture is hot, it is placed inside the cardboard tube, the mixture should have the consistency of hot caramel, stacked evenly inside the tube.

7 - Leave the tube in a location far from any source of ignition.
A pencil is inserted into the tube and fixed exactly in the middle, the 

8 - pencil must be immersed so that it remains erect, and left for an hour.

9 - Using tape, the tube is coated and covered from the top, bottom and sides, but a small opening must be left for the wick to be inserted.
The pen is pulled out of the tube and a fireworks wick is inserted in its place. A piece of cotton is used to fix the wick into the bomb, but 1 cm of the wick must remain outside the tube.
With a lighter the wick is lit, but this must be done outside, the colors will start to spread very beautifully


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