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How to loosen a rusted and old nut in 4 ways

How do you remove an old rusted nut? How do you remove a seized nut? How do you remove a rusted nut with heat? What are some successful methods used to remove nuts from rusted or damaged bolts?

How to loosen a rusted and old nut in 4 ways
How to loosen a rusted and old nut in 4 ways

 Don't worry that you won't be able to loosen the old nuts.. Here are 4 effective ways and solutions

If you've ever encountered a rusty or worn iron nut that you can't easily remove using the special key, you should try one of the following effective methods for removing a rusted nut with easy steps and from materials that are available everywhere. If one of the methods mentioned here doesn't work, try the next method, so you can remove the nuts you want to loosen.. Follow the next lines of the website :)

Necessary tools and materials

Hand saw for iron or plastic

WD-40 Rust Remover


Nut cutting tool

English key

How to remove a rusty nut in an effective way

1- Loosen the nut using a rust remover

The first solution that can be tried is using the well-known WD-40 rust remover, or using any other type of rust remover. You can spray a little rust remover on a rusty or worn nut and wait a few minutes, then try to loosen the nut using a special nut wrench, or you can use a pipe notch wrench, or tension pliers.

2- Loosen the nut using two hammers

How to loosen a rusty nut
two hammers
This method can be used after trying the first method and using a special nut wrench. By means of the hammer, the rust bonds between the nut and the bolt can be broken so that you can loosen the nut freely afterwards. screw bending).

3- Loosen the nuts using a hand saw

If your previous attempts were unsuccessful, it is the turn to try to break or cut the nut, here, you will try using a hand saw for metal, and cut the nut, it will take you time and effort. If you are familiar with the electric rocket, it can be used easily.

4- Loosen the nut and cut it using the nut cutter

You can buy a nut cutter at affordable prices through this link
There is a great tool, very useful, and it is easier than cutting the nut with a hacksaw, this method is by using a special tool to cut the nuts (Nut-Splitter), where you only need this tool with a nut wrench, and by tightening this tool with the wrench the nut will be cut through Just a few minutes!


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