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The automatic washing machine stopped suddenly.. Learn about the most prominent of those reasons

 You can solve the problem of stopping the automatic washing machine by yourself if the reason is simple.

The automatic washing machine stopped suddenly.. Learn about the most prominent of those reasons
The automatic washing machine stopped suddenly.. Learn about the most prominent of those reasons

Sometimes, especially old automatic washing machines, the washing cycles may be subjected to a sudden stop without any introduction, as many people think that it is for reasons related to the programming of the automatic washing machine itself or its electronic board. However, in fact, there are other additional reasons that are the most famous among the reasons for the sudden stop of the automatic washing machine. In this article, we will mention the most famous of those reasons, along with some tips in dealing with this problem.

- First check the error code.

Modern washing machines, which are equipped with a front display, show codes when any washing machine malfunctions occur. So, the first step to find out the reasons why the automatic washing machine stops is to make sure that there is a symbol or not, and if there is a symbol, see the user manual of your washing machine to find out what this symbol means. This process will save you effort and time that you may spend searching for the cause of the washing machine stopping problem. Also, the user guide will show you several suggested solutions to fix this error related to the on-screen icon. This link provides an explanation of most of the codes for many popular washing machines, depending on their manufacturer. But it is best to refer to the user manual, as the codes differ from one company to another, and from one model to another.

- The most common reasons for the washing machine to stop

Before taking any action to find out and repair the causes of the stoppage of the automatic washing machine, it is recommended that the automatic washing machine be disconnected from the power source.

1- Water supply problem

Automatic washing machines need a continuous supply of water during the washing process, and this is done through a tap or a special water supply valve for the washing machine. If there is a problem with the valve or in the water supply, the washing machine will be subject to a sudden stop. This is one of the most common reasons for stopping the automatic washing machine among people.

Make sure that the tap is 100% open, and check the water pressure from the source (water tank or direct supply pipes). This can be confirmed by unscrewing the hose from the valve side, opening the valve and noticing the amount of water flowing. The supplied hose must also be secure. If you need to clean the hose between the faucet and the washing machine, do so using strong water pressure or with a long metal wire.

2- A problem with draining the water

Where is the washing machine filter located?

Also check the water drain hose, and check that it is not clogged with dirt and a buildup in it. In addition, check the drain into which the drain hose is poured, it should not be clogged with dirt. Also, there is a washing machine filter, it may be clogged due to dirt and adhesive fat, it must be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water drains properly. See the article “How to clean the washing machine filter” for more details.

3- Technical problems in the washing machine

In the event that the water supply and drain are working well, and the washing machine still stops working suddenly and drains without any symbols appearing on the screen (Error Codes), the washing machine most likely needs maintenance by the specialist, as the problem may be in the following. In any case, it is preferable in these cases to contact the technical specialist to find out the exact reasons for the washing machine stopping, and to find the best and easiest way to solve it.

- Heating element:

 If the water heating element malfunctions and stops working, this will lead to the water not heating up, which will lead to the washing machine stopping working, at the beginning of operation (within the first 30 minutes of its operation). Usually, an Error Code will appear confirming this. The heating element can easily be checked by measuring its resistance (Ohms) using a multimeter, since usually, the heating element has a completely open circuit or a very high resistance in the event of its failure. If it is good and good, it will give a reading of 20-50 ohms.

- Thermostat: 

If the thermostat malfunctions, this may cause the water temperature to rise higher than required, and you will notice that the washing machine has stopped working 30 minutes after it started working.

Timer or electronic board: 

The reason may also be a malfunction in the timing of washing cycles (timer) or a malfunction in the electronic board. This requires an electronics specialist to examine it and determine the cause of the problem and fix it.


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