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How to make a natural body scrub from household materials and at the lowest costs

How can I make a natural scrub at home? 

How to make a natural body scrub from household materials and at the lowest costs

Scrub, or what is known as a body scrub, can be prepared at home from natural household materials

What is a good homemade body scrub? What are the main ingredients in body scrubs? How do you make a body scrub?

The skin needs constant care and high-level care to keep it clean, free of impurities and fresh, that is why we chose to offer a method of making a natural body scrub from the natural materials available at home. dead skin, and works to clean the pores, soften the skin, and maintain its youth and radiance.

How to make a natural body scrub

1 - How to make coffee and sugar scrub

--Necessary tools and materials

1 - Half a cup of coffee.

2 - A quarter of a cup of sugar.

3 - Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

4 -Three capsules of vitamin E.

--How to prepare and use

The richness of coffee with antioxidants gives it a great effect on fighting cellulite, while sugar acts as a natural exfoliator that helps get rid of dead skin, and olive oil penetrates the skin and helps moisturize it and maintain its health.

- Put the amount of coffee in a large glass bowl, add the amount of sugar, and stir the ingredients to mix a little.

- Add the amount of olive oil and stir the ingredients until they blend and become consistent.

- Grind vitamin E capsules to a very fine texture, then add to the mixture and stir to obtain a coarse paste.

- Using the fingers, the skin is massaged in circular motions.

- Keep massaging for at least 10 minutes, but gently, then wash off the mixture using lukewarm water.

- Use this scrub on the body from two to three times a week, to get fresh and smooth skin.

How to make salt and olive oil scrub

--Necessary tools and materials

1 - One cup of sea salt.

2 - half cup of olive oil.

3 - 5 to 15 drops of essential oil, as desired.

--How to prepare and use

The richness of sea salt with minerals and elements that are able to exfoliate helps maintain healthy skin, as it helps improve blood circulation and reduces skin problems such as scars and wounds.

- The ingredients are combined to obtain a coarse-textured paste.

- Using the fingers of the hand, gently massage the mixture into the skin, in circular motions.

- Continue to massage for 5 to 10 minutes, but gently, focusing on one to two minutes on a part of the skin.

- Wash the mixture from the body using lukewarm water and a skin moisturizer.

- This scrub is applied once a week for people with dry skin, twice a week if the skin is normal, and three times a week for those with oily skin.

How to make coconut and sugar scrub

--Necessary tools and materials

1 - Half a cup of granulated sugar.

2 - Half a cup of coconut oil.

--How to prepare and use

The method of making a natural body scrub with coarse sugar is not only an exfoliator, but it helps to clean the face, removes the effects of make-up, and moisturizes the skin.

- The ingredients are mixed with each other until they become a consistency and a somewhat thick paste is obtained. Hot oil should not be used because it will lead to complete dissolution of the sugar, which reduces the desired peeling process.

- The scrub is applied to the skin, then using the fingers, the body is gently massaged, using circular motions on the skin.

- Giving enough time to massage, it must be done for a period of no less than 10 minutes.

- The mixture is washed off using lukewarm water, and the body is dried well.


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