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10 Easy ways to clean the kitchen sink

How do I clean a kitchen sink daily?

10 Easy ways to clean the kitchen sink
10 Easy ways to clean the kitchen sink

  What is the easiest to clean sink? How do you clean a smelly kitchen sink drain? How do you clean a stained kitchen sink?

Dirt accumulates in the sink of the kitchen sink, which leads to clogging and problems with draining water, and thus germs and insects gather around it, and it is always recommended to get rid of the blockage when it first appears; That is, when the individual notices a slow draining of water; In order to avoid aggravating this problem, and in this article we will discuss the causes of clogging the kitchen sink and ways to solve and prevent this problem.

Causes of clogged kitchen sink

There are many reasons for clogged pipes in the kitchen sink; Such as the entry of meat, fat and bone in the tubes, or coffee beans that turn into hard lumps when dry, or starchy foods such as potatoes and rice, or green fibrous vegetables, leaves of plants such as corn, and fruit residues and peels, in addition to materials that cause blockage of tubes such as tissues, medicines, food wrappers, covers, hair and jewelry .

Ways to connect drainpipes in the kitchen sink

The process of getting rid of the stuck dirt that causes pipe blockages needs to follow several methods to completely get rid of all the blockages, and this process may take a long time to complete; This depends on the difficulty of the blockage, and it is recommended to use a competent plumber in difficult cases; In order to avoid the dangers of cleaning the pipes or damaging a part of the sump, drain problems can be solved in simple ways away from specialists also by relying on the following methods:

1. Remove the accumulated water

It is recommended before using any cleaners or other solutions to remove the accumulated water resulting from clogging of the pipes, using a bucket to expose the bottom of the basin, and then remove the dirt accumulated on the surface of the drain and its drains. This simple solution may be enough to clear the pipes in superficial and simple cases.

2. Use boiling water

It is recommended to pour boiling water into the sink to remove dirt and cleaning materials accumulated on it, but boiling water cannot be used if the drainpipes are made of plastic, and boiling water cannot be poured directly into the sink if it is made of porcelain.

3. Use of piston compressor

Piston shapes vary into three shapes; The first is the flat-mouth plunger, the second is the multi-fold plunger, and the third is the toilet plunger. It is recommended to use the first type to solve drainage problems, by following the following steps:

1 - Fill the sink a little with water to make it easier for the plunger to stick and soak into the sink.

2 - Repeatedly depressing and lifting the plunger to drain the water.

3 - Open the drain to make sure it drains, and repeat the previous steps until the pipes are clear.

4. Cleaning the drain pipe

This tube is at the bottom of the washbasin in a crooked way, it is also called the elbow tube, and it is usually a cause of clogging the drain when food residues and dirt collect in it, and it can be cleaned of this dirt by following the following steps:

1 - Put a bucket at the bottom of the pipe so that the water coming out of it collects in the bucket.

2 - Separate the pipe from the wall and from the sink by rotating the installed joints.

3 - Check the tube for lumps, and remove them with a metal wand or wire to remove dirt.

5. Use a wiring harness or its alternatives

This tool is called a wire drill; This is because it consists of a handle to which a coil is connected to a spiral wire approximately 60 millimeters thick, which resembles a snake, and is used to drain drainpipes because it is able to reach and remove dirt from hard-to-reach places from the surface of the drain or drain pipe, and it should be noted that some are manually Some of them are electrical, and a replacement can be made using a wire clothes hanger by following the following steps:

1 - Loosen the wraps of the metal clothes hanger, making sure that it is straight on all sides.

2 - Use pliers to make a small hook that fits into the drain hole at one end of the wire.

3 - Gently insert the wire from the hook side into the drain to avoid getting stuck lumps deeper into the drain, and move it in different directions inside the drain to find lumps blocking it.

4 - When you feel a lump, pull the hook to pull it out gradually, pulling and inserting repeatedly.

5 - Run hot water over the drain to make sure the blockage is completely cleared.

6. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda

This method relies on the reaction of an acidic vinegar substance with a basic baking soda to form a powerful cleaner that removes the blockage. This method can be used by following the following steps:

1 - Prepare a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar separately without mixing them.

2 - Pour boiling water down the drain, then pour the baking soda, making sure you get it down the drain as much as possible with a spoon, and let it go down the drain for five to ten minutes.

3 - Pour the vinegar and quickly cover the drain to keep the two substances from reacting inside the drain, not on the surface.

4 - Pour the boiling water back in when the reaction is over.

7- Use chemical cleaners

It is recommended to use chemical cleaners for the purpose of draining clogged drain tubes with caution; They cause damage to the pipes, and use them when the water drain is slow, not when the pipes are completely clogged; Because it will interact with waste water and float on the surface of the basin to pose a danger to human health due to its toxicity, in addition to its ineffectiveness at times, as chlorine works to sterilize pipes without dissolving food residues stuck in them, and if you want to use those cleaners, it is recommended to use an acid cleaner to get rid of Leftover residue, use an alkaline-base cleaner to get rid of oil and grease.

8. Soft drinks

Soft drinks are corrosive and caustic; That is, it causes chemical corrosion to living tissues that it comes in contact with, so it helps in dissolving food residues stuck in the pipes, but it is an ineffective method most of the time, and it is recommended to rely on the vinegar and baking soda method as a natural and cheap solution to clogging the drain.

Necessary tools to clean the kitchen sink

It is recommended to acquire various tools that help in solving the problem of pipe blockage; Such as adjustable screwdrivers, pipe wrenches, pliers, hexagonal wrench, flat-mouth piston, wiring tool, vinegar and baking soda. They are characterized by the following:

-- It collects dirt and prevents it from entering the pipes.

-- It is easy to clean by hand and can be placed in the dishwasher.

-- Do not obstruct the draining of water when placed.

-- It is characterized by the low cost of most of its types, even the good ones.


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