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Specifications,disadvantages and prices of the 65 inch Panasonic TV 2022

 Which is the best Panasonic TV to buy? Are Panasonic TVs good quality? Is Panasonic TV better than Samsung? What are the specifications of a good TV?

Specifications, disadvantages and prices of the 65 inch Panasonic TV 2022

Learn about the specifications, disadvantages and prices of the 65 inch Panasonic TV

We find many consumers looking for information about the specifications, disadvantages and prices of the Panasonic 65-inch screen, according to the model. It has in the markets, which plays a major and key role in attracting a wide audience base of serious shoppers to buy its products exclusively.

The Panasonic Corporation; One of the most important giant Japanese companies in the field of electronics manufacturing, knowing that it operates under more than one name, we mention the most famous of them, Panasonic, and National, and since its founding in 1918 until the present time, it has been able to provide an amazing assortment of high-quality and efficient electronics. Among the largest companies in the world, and as the largest manufacturer in the field in Japan.

Panasonic 65 inch TV Specifications

Panasonic has launched in the local and international markets many advanced and modern TV screens, blending attractive and elegant design with strong performance, thanks to the high capabilities that were provided with it, and accordingly we refer below to the specifications of a number of 62-inch models offered from before it as follows:

Panasonic TV TH-65GX800M

This 65-inch smart monitor from Panasonic is designed with dimensions (without stand) of 1454 x 840 x 45 mm in width, height and depth, respectively, with a weight of 29.0 kg, and dimensions of 1454 x 915 x 325 mm in the same arrangement with the stand, with a weight of 30.0 kg, It is an IPS LED LCD screen that works with ultra-high definition 4K, by means of a type HCX processor, and supports Hexa Chroma Drive PRO technology, in addition to that it supports several picture modes, including dynamic, custom, cinema, and real cinema , DolbyVision, games, and more are great features, which make it a good choice to buy.

In addition to the above; We point out that it is also equipped with HDR dedicated to improve brightness, local dimming, cinematic sound, as well as speakers at the bottom, and several modes to choose from in this regard, including Standard, Music, User, Stadium, Speech, not to mention It supports a range of smart features, such as: personal voice assistant with Google Assistant, Alexa (TBD), 10 selectable menu languages, built-in wireless LAN support, Internet browser and applications, scrolling and sharing, and Panasonic TV Remote applications And the Panasonic Media Center app, along with support for Bluetooth, three HDMI ports, three USB ports, and a LAN port, while recording power consumption rates of 188 watts.

Panasonic TV TH-65GX706M

This 65-inch smart model is designed with dimensions of 1446 x 312 x 921 mm in width, depth and height, and is a 4K Ultra HD IPS LED LCD, working with a resolution of 3.840 x 2,160, and a quad-core processor working at a speed of 1.2 GHz, along with HDR10 multi-high dynamic range support, in terms of audio; It supports Dolby system, built-in speakers, and a 20W speaker port, not to mention it supports Linux Smart Display, built-in wireless LAN, and TV Remote applications including Netflix, Prime video, YouTube, Web browser, Internet applications, We also add that it comes with three side HDMI ports, three USB ports, and a LAN port.

Panasonic TV TH-65EX750M

It is a 65-inch smart LED screen, and it has many amazing features and features, as it works in Supreme 4K PRO HDR resolution, supports Hexa Chroma Drive Plus technology, and is ready to play high dynamic range content, in addition to supporting the dimming feature that helps give The viewer has a more realistic picture, and the Smart TV feature allows access to the Internet, and access to various applications.

Panasonic TV TH-65GX655M

This 65-inch Panasonic monitor has dimensions of 1445 x 833 x 311 mm in width, height and depth, and includes a 4K Ultra HD IPS LED LCD panel, a quad-core Cortex processor, support for HDR10 and multi-dimming. 4K, in terms of sound; It supports DTS, Dolby Vision, and DTS surround sound, not to mention a smart display Android OS V9, and supports a range of smart features, including voice instructions, built-in Google Assistant, built-in wireless LAN, Android apps, plus To support the Bluetooth feature, and it includes three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and a LAN port.

Disadvantages of Panasonic 65 inch screen

There are many types of TV screens offered in the market by different brands, and the screens offered by Panasonic are among the best, strongest and most in demand, as they come equipped with many modern and advanced features; Which makes it one of the preferred options available for purchase, and attracts shoppers to it greatly, but despite that it has some negative points or defects that must be viewed by those wishing to buy it, and we mention the most important of them that it is available in the market for high prices compared to some competitors , In addition to the high price of its spare parts, and the quality of the materials made of them is somewhat low, not to mention the difference in opinions about what the company provides after sales services, but in general this does not mean that the screens are not good for acquisition, quite the contrary. ; It is considered one of the best options available in the market, and it competes strongly in the market with other brands The leader in electronics.

65 inch panasonic tv price

The prices of TV screens offered by the famous brand Panasonic in the market vary from country to country, increasing or decreasing according to many main factors, including screen size, specifications and features that it includes, and the type of market it is offered in.


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