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Important information when buying a Beko Fridge freezers 2022

How long should a Beko fridge freezer last? 


Important information when buying a Beko Fridge freezers 2022
Important information when buying a Beko Fridge freezers 2022

What number should Beko fridge freezer be on? How long should a fridge freezer last? Who makes Beko fridge freezers?

The Beko Freezer is one of the practical and efficient household appliances that many users seek. Beko is a Turkish company that specializes in the manufacture of electrical and electronic appliances, and it comes under the umbrella of Arcelik. Beko was founded in 1967, with its headquarters in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, and it comes at the top in the world of electrical appliances industry along with Vestel company inside Turkey, and it works to pump electrical products to the local and international markets from TVs, refrigerators, washing machines to dishwashers Its publications reach many parts of the world.

The article talks about information that is important to you when purchasing a Beko freezer and includes:

- Beko brand information

- pico freezer

- Beko freezer specifications

- Beko freezer types

- Features of Beko Freezer

- After-sales service

- Disadvantages of Beko Deep Freezer

- Tips when buying a Beko deep freezer

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Beko brand information

By 1995, the need for electrical appliances increased in a large number of Turkish homes and the world's population as well, as it constituted a primary purpose in all homes, and since that date, the company has been developing its electrical appliances and pumping them to the market, as Beko has become one of the favorite brands in many parts of the world. Europe, and the company has focused on making appliances, including the Beko freezer, the most suitable for the daily needs of customers in terms of quality, efficiency, health security and safety. The company, on its official website, said that it has reached more than 400 million customers around the world, saying “+400 million happy customers.”

The brand’s reliance on its extensive experience in the field of more than 60 years made it employ more than 30,000 employees, its exports and agencies reach more than 130 countries, and it has 22 factories around the world, and the company says that its mission is to make future generations live a life More health and quality, as the company focuses mainly on developing products with the latest technologies that have reached modern technology, making people's lifestyle more healthy in kitchen appliances that preserve food, washing machines and other home appliances, as these devices perform their tasks during long periods of work safely .

Beko Fridge freezers 

The Beko freezer is distinguished by its elegant shape and many colors that add to the kitchen decor and harmonize with it. The Beko freezer is also available in many price categories, and it bears the name of the Turkish industry to the house, and the Turkish manufacturer has a wonderful intermediary among users in the world, especially the Arab world.

Beko Fridge freezer specifications

Beko freezers come in multiple sizes and technologies according to each price category, and the company has introduced the latest technology in the world of technology into its industry, providing a highly efficient and highly committed smart home appliance.

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Beko Fridge freezer types

First category: Defrost deep freezer with three drawers, a storage capacity of 85 liters.

The second category: Deep Freezer with three drawers, a capacity of 97 liters.

The third category: Beko Deep Freezer, No Frost, with five drawers, a capacity of 168 liters, with an inverter.

Fourth category: Beko No Frost Deep Freezer, with six drawers, 218 liters.

Fifth category: Beko Nofros deep freezer with seven drawers, a capacity of 280 liters.

Sixth category: Beko No Frost Deep Freezer, with a capacity of 301 liters, with a modern digital display.

Features of Beko Fridge Freezer

In terms of design and colors

The freezer from Beko comes with a design that appeals to the beholder, as it makes the user feel the aura of modernity that exudes from it, and it comes with many color options to suit all tastes, and it comes in many shapes, including vertical and horizontal ones, and it is characterized by easy-to-use handles and buttons, and indicators that extend the user With important information about the state of cooling and temperature inside, as for the interior design, it has a distinct and warm lighting configuration, and an organized drawer division that facilitates the process of storing and extracting food. It is stored and it is not difficult to bring it back, in addition to its highly durable materials that can withstand heavy weights.

In terms of food preservation

Beko freezer appliances are able to preserve foods for the longest possible period of time, as it is healthy and protects foods from bacteria, because its outer handle is designed from anti-bacterial materials so that it does not move from the hand to the stored food, and it also has a frame that separates the door and the body, And this advantage is competitive in that many other freezers do not come, and the materials used to manufacture the body of the device are completely anti-bacterial, because the company is purely hygienic.

In terms of technology and temperature

The Beko freezer comes with a great ability to distribute heat inside, evenly between all its drawers, and it also comes with a quick freezing feature, where the user can choose to activate it if necessary, but it is not recommended to use it except when necessary because it exhausts the device and exposes it to damage with frequent activation One of its features is no frost, which comes with a certain number of its categories, and this feature is important in preventing the formation of a layer of snow on its walls, and this enhances the efficiency and speed of cleaning.

In terms of the materials used in the manufacture

The outer body is made entirely of heavy-duty stainless steel, a material that is not affected by rust with prolonged use, and its drawers withstand heavy weights.

After-sales service

The company does not stop providing many after-sales benefits to the customer, such as the availability of spare parts for the device and giving it a warranty that extends to 10 years in some models, and 5 years in other models.

Disadvantages of Beko Deep Freezer

- Its high consumption of electricity.

- It cannot be moved easily from one place to another as it is heavy and does not come with wheels on the bottom like other freezers.

- There are a number of rumors about the after-sales service, some people say that it is not good, while others say that it is great.

- The Beko freezer does not compete strongly in terms of its warranty period, as it is five years on most of its categories, and this is not the strongest warranty in the market.

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Tips when buying a Beko deep freezer

- You have to make sure that you have enough space to comfortably place the deep freezer.

- You have to choose the color that matches the colors of the place where it will be placed in order to enhance the state of color harmony and not disturb it.

- Choose the right size for your needs.


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