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Practical steps for making a bag at home 2022

How do you make bags step by step? How do you make a tote bag step by step? What do you need to make a bag?

Many women are looking for ways to make the bag at home; In order to decorate and coordinate them according to their own taste, and in this article we will show many steps through which you can make a bag at home using different methods.

Fabric bag making

Necessary tools To make a bag at home we need:

- 45 cm of cotton fabric for outer lining.

- 45 cm of cotton fabric for inner lining.

- 45 cm of connections to the inner lining.

- 105 cm of fabric straps.

Action Steps To make the bag, we can follow these steps:

- Start by cutting the fabric, by cutting the inner lining fabric into two rectangles of dimensions 35 x 45 cm, then cutting the outer lining fabric into two rectangles of the same dimensions.

- Cut the fabric belts into two pieces, each 50 cm long.

- Cut from each rectangle from the bottom, whether for the inner or outer lining. A square must be cut from the right and left sides, and the dimensions of this square are 5 x 5 cm.

- Installing the inner and outer lining together, and attention must be paid to this, as the inner and outer lining must be installed from the sides only, leaving the top and the cut corners from the bottom without stitching, and care must be taken to sew them in an orderly manner, and the stitching must be firmly fixed, so that the stitches do not unravel After a short period of making the bag, it is worth noting that the inner and outer lining can be of a different fabric, and it is not required that it be of the same type of fabric; What matters in the bag is the outer part and it is up to taste.

- Fixing the base of the bag from the bottom, by fixing the base of the inner and outer lining on the first side with the base of the inner and outer lining on the second side and stitching them together. And sewn neatly, or sewing machines can be used, this ensures that the stitching is more tidy and stable.

- Turn the bag inside out, making sure to hold the sides together on all sides except for the top; In order to put the cloth strips on it, it must be ensured that the sides and bottom corners are sewed correctly, whether from the inside or outside.

- Place the cloth strips from the top, by fixing them from the inside between the inner and outer lining, and care must be taken to leave a distance of 10 centimeters from the top on each side, as the cloth tape must be in the form of an arc on each side, in order to be able to carry and hold it.

- Sew the inner and outer lining together from the top, after applying the fabric strips from the top.

- iron the stitches from different sides; This is to ensure that it is stable, but you must make sure that the fabric used in the bag can be ironed, so that it does not get damaged or burn when exposed to the iron.

Making a bag out of paper or from newspapers

Old newspapers can be used to make a bag, and this is one of the ways to recycle, and the bag will be distinct from other bags, and this bag can be used to store things inside it, such as putting pens, cosmetics, and many other things.

Necessary tools To make a bag out of paper or newspaper, we need the following tools:

- a pair of scissors.

- glue.

- Old newspapers.

- A piece of cardboard.

- Cords or ribbons to make the handles of the bags, or you can use old bags, it is possible to choose a length of about 15 cm.

- Colors, and any trimmings or gadgets.

- pencil.

- Action Steps

To make the bag, you can follow these steps:

- Bring a sheet of old newspaper, which is in the form of two adherent pages.

- Fold the two sheets together to become one sheet and seal them with glue.

- Bend the paper horizontally and stick the two sides together using glue, two sides must be left open and the adhesive must be allowed to dry before moving on to the next step.

- Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard according to the width of the bag to be made, and insert it inside the newspaper after sticking it from the sides, so this piece forms the base of the bag, and the base must be fixed well using glue, and bend one side of the newspaper bag on it.

- Make two holes in each side of the top bag; In order to put the handles of the bag inside, care must be taken to secure them well, by making a knot on each side.

- Decorate the bag with any of the colors or decorative papers as desired, as flowers can be formed from cardboard and added to the bag, or some bright colors can be added to it, or colored beads can be placed on it, and these papers and decorations can be fixed using glue, but you must make sure that The glue is of good quality.


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