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Clothes iron malfunctions.. Find out how to fix them

What will you check when iron does not work? How do you fix an iron that doesn't heat up? How do I fix my clothes iron? What causes problems when ironing?

An iron is a very important electrical tool in all homes, so it must be maintained and maintained regularly

It can be said that clothes iron malfunctions can be repaired at home without the need to send them to a specialist. The necessary repairs can be carried out at home and manually and only by following the steps in the following lines. The iron is a small device used to iron clothes and get rid of wrinkles and also helps to kill germs and bacteria In it, the iron is often exposed to many problems, the most important of which is a blockage in the holes that release steam or repairing broken handles and cut electrical wires.

Necessary tools and materials

1 - Screwdriver.
2 - New electrical wire.
3 - New thermostat.
4 - A soft piece of cloth.
5 - salt.
6 - Pieces of lemon.
7 - Water.
8 - soap.
9 - toothpaste.
10 - white vinegar;
11 - Oven cleaner.
12 - Distilled water.

How to fix clothes iron malfunctions

The easiest thing to do is to fix the problems of your clothes iron, only with some time and a little effort you can get good results.

1- Define the problem

It is important to know the type of problem that exists and what is required to be fixed before starting, as you must first check the thermostat and the electric cable, in the event that the iron piece at the bottom of the iron is not heated or does not heat up well when the electric power is turned on, in the event that the iron It spews water instead of steam, so it should be said that the holes in the iron plate are closed due to the accumulation of residues from the clothing.

2- Take appropriate precautions

The iron must be removed from the electricity and wait for a while until the iron completely cools down. If the repair has begun and it is still connected to the electricity, the person performing the repair will definitely suffer an electric shock, so extreme caution must be exercised.

3- Cleaning the metal plate

Thoroughly clean the surface of the iron!

Clothes iron malfunctions may lie in the cleanliness of the iron, as it is necessary to clean the metal plate because the substances stuck in the holes of the plate will cause the correct exit of heat, which will affect the clothes negatively, so the plate must be cleaned, if the dirt is simple, it can be cleaned using salt or oven cleaner with water.

If the stains are medium, white vinegar can be used, mixed with a little salt and toothpaste, then heat the solution a little, and then the iron is wiped using a soft cloth. iron.

4- Replace the power cable

Using a screwdriver, the cover plate must be removed, inside it there are several screws that secure the power cable to the iron plate. These screws must be removed and then the cable should be replaced with a new one with specifications matching the manufacturer, as it must be made of copper and suitable for loading high temperatures so as not to It melts after a short period of use.

5- Replacing the power regulator

In the event that the fault was not in the power cable, it is necessary to check the power regulator. It is certain that the problem will be in it. It must be replaced by removing the old regulator with a new one, re-installing and connecting it exactly as it was connected, then closing the iron cover and returning the screws.


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