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How to solve the problem of the phone network is not available .. on Android devices

How to fix “Mobile network not Available”error on android phones


How to solve the problem of the phone network is not available .. on Android devices
How to solve the problem of the phone network is not available .. on Android devices

How often you have suffered from this problem while trying to make a very necessary phone call, try the following solutions to help you overcome it and return the connection normally

The problem of the phone network is not available on Android devices can only be solved by following the solutions suggested in this article. Often times this problem appears to you, and it is already very annoying and you may need to make an urgent and important call, before you use the mentioned solutions Below, make sure that you have placed the SIM card correctly, verify that you have not put the phone in airplane mode, and make sure that the phone is in roaming mode.

Solve the problem of the phone network is not available on Android devices

1- Check network automation

This method can be used for any Android device. Follow these steps:

1 - Go to settings.

2 - Wireless and network settings.

3 - Then tap on Mobile Networks.

4 - Then "Network Operators".

5 - Choose the option to search for the network automatically.

This is the simplest method in order to solve the phone network not available issue on Android devices, if it does not work then move to the second method.

2- Change the phone battery

Change the battery, try a different battery for your android phone this can solve the problem effectively, if you find this method solved the problem, it means that you have a damaged battery that is constantly overheating due to the amount of heat your phone is generating.

Solve an issue where the signal is not broadcasting correctly

1- Use certain symbols

- Dial the following code * # * # 4636 # * # * in the phone app.

- You will be prompted to press the tasting menu.

- Then tap phone/device information.

- Run a ping test.

- Select GSM Auto (PRL) from the dropdown list.

- Press to turn off the radio.

- Restart the phone.

2- Update your phone's operating system

If all the steps mentioned in the above lines did not work, update the operating system software in the Android phone and follow the steps below.

- Click on Settings.

- Then look for an option for About Device.

- System update Software update.

- Check for updates.

- This is also a simple way to fix mobile network not available on Android.

3- Factory reset on Android phones

If the previous solutions helped you solve the problem that the phone network is not available on Android devices, try factory reset.

- Enter Settings.

- Then look for Backup and Reset.

- Then tap Factory Data Reset.

Or follow these steps:

- Turn off your phone

- After that hold the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons together for a few seconds, until the Android logo appears on the screen.

- Release the buttons then use the Volume Down button to select options, and the Power key to confirm them.

- Tap on the Factory Data Reset option, and confirm it with the Power button.

5 - After that select Delete all user data, and confirm that.

6 - Wait for a few seconds to see the Reboot system now option, select it, the phone will then restart and you will need to set it up from scratch again.

Solve the problem of the phone not being able to search for the network

Most of the users are facing “Error while searching for a network” This issue is caused by your SIM card not being placed correctly, so go to the steps listed below to fix the problem

1 - Enter settings.

2 - Then look for mobile network settings.

3 - While in the mobile settings, you have to press the power button and the main buttons together until your phone turns off.

4 - While your phone is off, gently remove the battery.

5 - Press the Home button and the Power button 10 times together.

6 - Then press and hold the Power and Home button for 1 to 3 minutes, which will discharge all the static charge.

7 - Insert the battery.

8 - Then turn on your phone, and insert the SIM card.

9 - Do not attach the back cover yet.

10 - While your phone is on remove the SIM card and then insert it 3 times.

11 - You will be asked to restart your phone.

12 - Reboot your phone and the error while searching for network will not work.


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