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All you need to know about cleaning a split air conditioner

How do I know if my split aircon needs cleaning? Do split systems need cleaning? How often should a split type aircon be cleaned? How often should a split system be cleaned?

All you need to know about cleaning a split air conditioner
All you need to know about cleaning a split air conditioner

 Air conditioners are one of the most used appliances in homes, and in light of the wide spread of air conditioners of all kinds, split air conditioners or split air conditioners come within the most energy-efficient air conditioning group, as they consume energy as little as possible, thus contributing to Reducing electricity bills, in addition to being environmentally friendly, and this type of air conditioner works through two main units: the outdoor unit designated to draw air from the outside, and connect it through copper tubes to the indoor unit that cools or warms it, and this type of air conditioner is widely used in homes , without the need for air tubes, and it is worth noting that the leading manufacturers of air conditioners provide this type within their air conditioner patterns, in sizes to suit everyone, and like other air conditioners, split air conditioners need constant cleaning of the air filters inside them, and in this article we will show how to clean a split air conditioner in the easiest possible way.

-- Cleaning the indoor unit of the split air conditioner

When working on cleaning a split air conditioner, the indoor unit of the air conditioner must first be cleaned, and this can be done by following the following steps:

1 - Putting an air conditioner cleaning bag around the entire air conditioner. These bags are available on the Internet. They contain a frame that can be tightened or loosened around the air conditioner, and large waste bags can be used instead.

2 - Disconnect the electrical current from the air conditioner, by turning off the switch of the main electrical circuit breaker for the house.

3 - Opening the front air conditioner cover, by lifting it up, to facilitate access to the filters and the indoor unit of the air conditioner.

4 - Remove the air conditioner filters, which are rectangular pieces located in the front part, and this can be done by pressing the tab next to the filters, in order to wash them and get rid of dust and dirt stuck in them.

5 - Put the filters in the wash basin, and wash them with cold water. They can also be rubbed with a sponge and some soap, and then washed with cold water. It should be noted that the filters should be cleaned once every two months.

6 - Clean the air vents, or the cooling wings of the air conditioner, using a dry cloth or using a vacuum cleaner, by blowing air over the cooling wings completely, to remove dust stuck to their surface, and it is worth noting that the process of cleaning the cooling wings helps improve the air flow from the indoor unit .

7 - Spray the air conditioner cleaning spray on the wicks, which are circular metal pieces that rotate inside the indoor unit, then leave the spray for 20-30 minutes and wipe it with a cloth, taking care not to wash the wicks with water.

8 - Spray an anti-fungal spray and leave it for 5 minutes. The anti-fungal can be purchased from stores, as it purifies the air, preventing fungi and bacteria from growing inside the air conditioner, as well as preventing mold.

9 - Re-install the air filters, and it is worth noting the need to make sure that the filters are completely dry before installing them, then the air conditioner cap must be lowered and closed.

10 - Clean the outer air conditioner cover, to get rid of dust and spider webs, by wiping the cover with a damp cloth.

11- Clean the drain pipe that connects the indoor and outdoor unit, using its own cleaning tools, or using soapy water, taking care to leave the tube to dry for at least an hour; This is to ensure that soap and water residues are completely removed.

12 - Reconnect the power supply to the air conditioner, then turn the air conditioner on to the cooling mode at full speed for 15-20 minutes, in order to get rid of water and dirt residues. The air conditioner pumps cool, clean air into the place.

-- Cleaning the outdoor unit of the split air conditioner

After cleaning the indoor units of the air conditioner, the outdoor unit must be cleaned, to get rid of dust, dirt and plant leaves stuck to it, and this can be done by following the following steps:

1 - Completely disconnect the power supply from the air conditioner.

2 - Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the outer wings of the condenser, by installing a soft brush on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, and moving it horizontally and vertically, to suck out dust and dirt stuck to the condenser wings.

3 - Straighten the bent wings of the condenser using a knife, and pass them through the slots between the wings, making sure that they are straight, as this helps to improve the work of the condenser.

4 - Remove the outer cover of the outdoor unit, in order to remove the fan to clean the inner wings of the unit, using a screwdriver, then pull the fan off the top of the condenser.

5 - Wash the wings using a water hose, to thoroughly clean them, removing dust and dirt, then allow them to dry completely before installing the grille and outer cover.

6 - Installing the fan, the network, then the outer cover, and reconnecting the AC power supply. It is worth noting the need to contact the air conditioner repair technician when facing any problem. 


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