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The most famous wholesale market in Sweden

 13 Best Wholesale Suppliers in Sweden

The most famous wholesale market in Sweden
The most famous wholesale market in Sweden

The most famous wholesale market in Sweden

 The most famous wholesale market in Sweden The Scandinavian region is known for its appetite for shopping, and the Swedish commerce and e-commerce scene, in particular, has great potential to grow exponentially in the coming period. Official data shows a trend that more and more consumers are turning to e-commerce stores and that online shoppers tend to buy beauty and fashion products mostly.

When starting an online store, one thing is essential to get quality products in wholesale because Scandinavians are known for their appreciation of superior quality. Before delving into our list of the best wholesale suppliers for the Swedish region, let's see some stats and data on why Sweden is included in the list of the best countries for dropshipping and wholesale buying and why you should be your target country when starting a clothing store.

1 The most famous wholesale market in Sweden 

2 Mullefangstorget open market

What are the most famous wholesale markets in Sweden? Although Sweden's markets did not get the great fame that neighboring countries had, it is also an attractive location for many tourists, and this is due to the availability of all tools and products, whether local or international, and the discounts that reach in some markets over 50%. The emergence of the status of these markets, so we will learn about these markets.

The wholesale markets in Sweden may not have as much popularity as many of the markets in neighboring countries such as those in France or Germany. But the truth is that the Swedish market includes many distinctive products at very acceptable prices. We find furniture products provided by Ikea, distinctive clothes provided by the famous brand H & M and many other distinctive products. Let us get to know together the most important commercial markets in Sweden and the most famous products it offers.

Sweden’s population

According to the latest UN estimate (June 21, 2021), Sweden has a population of 10.16 million. The population of the country has been showing steady growth since the 1960s and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. While 88.1% of Swedes live in urban centers, only 11.9% live in rural areas.

A study created by Flanders Investment & Trade claims that by 2025, about 44% of Swedes will be digital citizens, that is, those born after 1990. While today this figure is only 35%. This indicates that the importance of e-commerce is growing as this demographic has grown up with digital products and looks at the smartphone as part of the buying process. It can serve as a way to gather information about a particular product or compare prices online.

The best wholesale market in Sweden.

The wholesale commercial markets in Sweden are many and varied, contrary to what many think, and offer many distinctive products at discounted prices and a set of special offers that continue throughout the year, and one of the best markets that you can rely on 

The digital landscape and e-commerce in Sweden

As of January 2021, there were 9.93 million internet users in the country representing nearly 98% of the total population, which gives us a clear view of how internet usage has been hacked. Not only is the number of internet users exceptionally high in Sweden but also the number of those who use social media. In the same month of 2021, 8.32 million Swedes used social media which is just over 82% of the total population. With 70% of Swedish shoppers buying online, this country has the highest share of consumer purchases in e-commerce stores among Nordic countries. For these reasons, Sweden has a strong e-commerce market with an expected year-end sales volume of 115.7 billion SEK (13.53 billion USD) in 2020. The most popular products purchased online in 2020 belong to the beauty and healthcare category and account for 43 % while clothing and footwear products came in second place with 42%. Using these numbers, it is safe to say that Sweden is a great and mature market for e-commerce activities, especially in the fashion industry.

Now that we've looked at the advantages of targeting Sweden with your e-commerce business, we can go ahead and list the best Swedish wholesale suppliers you can work with. In this article, we've rounded up the most popular wholesale suppliers that offer products that will surely resonate with your target audience.

The most famous wholesale market in Sweden

You can buy different types of products at low prices, through different types of products that he requests, with a distinctive brand that offers distinctive products at good prices, at cheap prices and all the details of the products that are displayed in the following lines:

1- Freeport Design Market.

This market is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Sweden, as it is a comprehensive market that contains all the products that you may need, the most important of which are: (children's toys, electronics, cosmetics, clothes, and accessories), and what is unique in this market is that it offers continuous discount services of up to 70 % of product price, this market is located in the Storawagen area of Costa.

2- Costa Market

What is unique about this market is that it offers its services throughout the week, even on holidays. This market is based on selling all kinds of shoes and various sports supplies at the best prices. It also offers many products in nearby stores, including sunglasses, various books and pens.

It is worth noting that this market includes more than 200 brands varying between local and international, and was chosen as one of the most famous wholesale markets in Sweden because it provides all the needs of the citizen with great discounts of up to 50, and its address is as follows: Kungsgatan 46b, 903 26 Umeå.

3- Swaidalla Market.

This market includes many shops selling clothes for both sexes, and what is distinctive about it is that it also offers the best international brands and special clothes for the most famous sports personalities in various fields.

It also offers luxurious types of accessories that you cannot differentiate between different types of real expensive jewelry, and offers you many types of shoes that suit different tastes.

Offer accepts on the basis of quotations from persons submitting quotations, offers in quotations and prices in continuous sale in products offering contract offers offers, Klarabergsgatan 41, 111 21 Stockholm.

4- Bruno Market

One of the most famous wholesale markets in Sweden, although it has a small area, it has a lot of diverse products, but its main specialty is the clothing trade in all its forms and types, it also sells jewelry, in addition to household and plastic items and many more.

This market has many other advantages, the most important of which is that there are many stores that accept bargaining and therefore you can achieve a lot of profitable deals without the need to be pressured money, and although there are stores that do not accept this system, they offer their products at low prices and discount offers that are constantly being offered, located in Utgatan 36 118 26 Stockholm, Sweden.

5- Bowlby Market

This market specializes in the wholesale sale of motorcycles, children's toys, and all skating tools to provide various products, adult toys and adventures, and is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Sweden because of the continuous discounts it offers, which can reach 30%.

France and Britain are among the most famous operators of this market, because they are from the neighboring countries and because they are one of the pioneers of that region. They are located in the city of Malmö.

6- Venga Ch . market

It markets various types of clothing that are suitable for children and adults, and it is the brand that registers the brand, in addition, the discounts in it amount to about 50% of the value of the product.

Large letters in shoes, shoes, women's shoes and bags, large tailoring that helps him include a lot of shops, is located near the Finjaker factory in Sweden.

7 - Mullefangstorget Open Market

The difference in the market is that it comes explicitly in the form of a large unit, in which restaurants and cafes are spread in addition to clothing and shoe stores and the right and is available in brands, and there is a dedicated to selling foodstuffs, in the center of the city of Malmö, the capital.

It is one of the best places that attract thousands of tourists on a daily basis.

8 - BrandsGateway

With a warehouse and office in Sweden, BrandsGateway guarantees fast and secure delivery of wholesale orders to anywhere in Europe, especially Sweden. The company has a premium range of luxury brands and products that can be ordered at wholesale prices at a discount of more than 70%.

If you choose to become a BrandsGateway partner, you will be able to choose from over 15,000 products across over 120 brands to offer to your customers. When purchasing wholesale designer clothing and accessories from BrandsGateway, there are two options to choose from. With the pick and mix option, you can create your own selection of merchandise that you think will resonate best with your customers. The minimum order quantity in this case is $1200, so you don't need to commit to a large amount of inventory when you're just starting your e-commerce business. If you are looking for additional discounts, you can choose to purchase ready-made stock. These are pre-selected packs of assorted mixed items across multiple brands. The monthly inventory can offer not only the latest fashion items for your business but also up to 95% of the RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

With both options, you can count on fast and secure global shipping offered by BrandsGateway through carriers such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. You may think the shipping will cost you a lot, but the shipping fee actually starts from 17 USD for an order. Moreover, not only will you be able to enjoy 24/7 customer service, but you will also have a dedicated sales manager who will help you choose the right mix of inventory for your business.

9 - MASAI.

MASAI is a Swedish women's clothing brand and wholesale supplier headquartered in Copenhagen, Sweden. They produce all kinds of clothing ranging from dresses to nightwear. If you wish to stock MASAI products in your online store or physical store, you can contact them at any time and make an appointment at one of their showrooms. You can find a showroom in various European countries as well as in the United States and Canada. This brand takes sustainable apparel and accessories production very seriously and also cares about gender equality in the workplace.

10 - Yabelo

Yabelo is another Swedish wholesale resource that you can partner with when targeting consumers in the Swedish fashion market. This B2B supplier is committed to selling at reasonable prices to its sellers. Its wide product range includes categories such as apparel, footwear and accessories of all kinds from the latest year collections. All products offered from countries across Europe are either purchased directly from manufacturers or other retailers and then offered to sellers all over the world.

A disadvantage of Yabelo is that you can buy goods only in stock, so you cannot choose independent patterns. This can be a problem because you won't know for sure whether or not predetermined storage stocks will affect your customers. Also, most stock lots run into the hundreds or thousands when it comes to the number of items included in them. This practice may not leave you with enough money to buy many of them especially when you are new to e-commerce and cannot make a large initial investment. Yabelo can be a Swedish wholesale supplier of your choice of quality clothing and accessories but keep in mind that they do not have a warehouse in Sweden. They only have stock in Spain, which may extend the delivery time of goods to your doorstep when you are working in Sweden.

Unfortunately, Yabelo does not provide you with the option to purchase goods online from the comfort of your home. But you can book a visit to their Kista office during normal business hours to learn about the products and make a purchase.

11 - DUNS Sweden

The next Swedish wholesale supplier on our list is DUNS Sweden. This supplier specializes in children's wear and home textiles produced in production units in Tirupur, India. DUNS Sweden offers baby clothes in vibrant colors and sister brand More than a Fling offers complementary products in solid colors to match. All products are made from organic textiles such as GOTS certified organic cotton to be more comfortable for younger customers. DUNS Sweden and More than a Fling both offer global shipping and secure payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

12 - GoldMax

Next on the list of Swedish wholesale suppliers is GoldMax, a B2B wholesale and export business established in 2009. They are headquartered in Nepal but they have a branch in Sweden in order to facilitate business expansion in the country. GoldMax specializes in selling high quality handmade fashion accessories, home textiles and pet accessories all over the world. In order to ensure that the highest quality standards are met, all products are handcrafted, supervised and quality checked in Nepal before being shipped to Sweden. Each product is made from natural and eco-friendly materials in an eco-friendly manner by local artisans. Furthermore, these fair trade products create opportunities and employment for skilled craftsmen in the region. In addition, you can also order a custom set that you can best sell to your customers and represent your brand with them.

13 - Alanic Global

And the last Swedish wholesale supplier on our list is Alanic Global which is not only a supplier but a manufacturer as well. In particular, if you want to create your own label for fitness and gym apparel, you can try working with Alanic Global. They supply children's, men's and women's clothing alike in multiple categories such as apparel, footwear, fitness apparel, accessories and lifestyle products. This way you will be able to offer your customers a uniquely designed selection that represents your brand and fits the needs and desires of your target audience. Alternatively, you can choose from their pre-designed patterns to enhance the display in your store. All clothes manufactured and supplied by Alanic Global are comfortable to work with, stylish, and at the same time made of good materials. They also work with a few carriers in the country to ensure a safe and clutter-free delivery to your store.


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