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Termite damage and signs of its appearance in the house and ways to get rid of it

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Termite damage and signs of its appearance in the house and ways to get rid of it
Termite damage and signs of its appearance in the house and ways to get rid of it

What is a termites?

Signs of termites in the house

Termite damage to concrete

Termite damage in wood doors

Termite damage to parquet

Termite damage to trees

How to get rid of termites

- Termite damage is the most effective among the damages of many small insects, even more effective than various types of ants.

- Where termites damage everything that surrounds humans, so they must be combated before they appear, or eliminated as soon as signs of termites appear in the house.

- Therefore, it is necessary to first identify the nature of termites and the nature of their life, and the most prominent damages of termites and how to get rid of them.

A - What is a termites ?

- It is one of the fastest insects in breeding and building colonies, as the number of ants in one colony reaches more than 2 million ants.

- Like all types of ants, the colony consists of servants, soldiers, and queens, and termites feed mainly on cellulose, a substance that is abundant in all the elements in our lives.

- They are found in wooden furniture, doors, fruits, trees, plants, and even clothing, upholstery and carpets.

- And because the termites are their main dwelling on the ground, and they come out of it to spread all over the place, they are known as “the termites”.

B - Signs of termites in the house

Termite damage and problems are not limited to a place, as they are likely to appear in homes, public places, institutions and any buildings.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care to resist and combat it before it appears. Among the most prominent signs of termites in the house, for example:

1 - The presence of a trace of sawdust “wood powder” under the wooden doors and windows.

2 - A weak noise is emitted from inside the wooden furniture, especially the wardrobe.

3 - A sound is emitted from the floors when moving on them, whether the floors are parquet, ceramic or other.

4 - Sand exits from the bottom of the stairs at the entrances, with bumps appearing on the sides.

5 - The appearance of sand around the roots of trees and plants in home gardens.

All of these signs, as soon as any of them appear, you should immediately start the process of getting rid of termites.

C - Termite damage to concrete

- One of the most common problems facing the construction process, especially in the desert environment, is the increased likelihood of termites appearing.

- All the damage to the concrete is not apparent. Often the ants begin to enter the concrete after the completion of the construction process, and from here the danger begins, as it sometimes reaches to destabilize the foundation.

- Where termite damage to concrete is considered irreversible, or it needs to be treated for a long time and at a high cost.

D - Termite damage in wood doors

- One of the most common damage caused to wooden doors, causing damage to the doors both internally and externally.

- Where it feeds on the cellulose found in the xylem. The wood begins to erode and diminish, and sawdust comes out from the bottom of the doors.

- The damage of termites in wooden doors increases if attention is not paid to their presence from the beginning. It multiplies rapidly, which makes the process of door damage faster.

E - Termite damage to parquet

- Termite damage to floors in general is that it causes them to loosen and sand to come out from underneath.

- But the damage of termites on the parquet is not just a dislocation, but rather the ants consider it an edible substance.

- When ants begin to leave their colonies, they feed on cellulose in the sand. But when you reach the floors, instead of looking for new food, it feeds directly on the material in the parquet.

F - Termite damage to trees

- The presence of these very small organisms in any place or any item that harms it, especially if that item contains cellulose.

- Thus, the damage of termites to trees is very large, as trees are one of the most abundant elements of this substance.

- So as soon as termite colonies appear under the trees, they start feeding on their roots and then the rest of the trunk.

- As a result, severe drought occurs in the trees and their branches are also exposed to drought, and then the fruits fall due to the inability of the roots to provide the tree with the necessary nutrition.

- It is considered one of the most damaging effects of ants on the economy if it appears intensively in a large agricultural area.

G - How to get rid of termites

Following traditional methods of eliminating termites may not bring tangible results, or at least their results are temporary.

When getting rid of termites, one must look for the most effective and effective ways to get rid of them permanently.

It can be disposed of in two cases:

Get rid of it before it appears

- It is the safest and longest-acting method, as modern methods of getting rid of termites help prevent termites from appearing in the place for many years, up to 15 years.

- The buildings are sprayed before construction with special materials that prevent the emergence of ants and prevent them from encroaching on the concrete layer.

- Pesticides are also sprayed again over the sand layer that is placed under the floors, methods that have been extensively tested with perfect results.

Get rid of it after it appears

- If the building did not apply the previous method, as soon as it appears, it must be controlled and prevented from spreading in the entire place, before the damage of termites increases in the place.

- This is achieved by applying the termite control process by distributing pesticides at specific points and at specific distances in the area of ant emergence.

- If the place of appearance is on the floors, they are punctured with minute holes and the pesticide is placed inside them, and the same is true for walls and wooden doors.

This was a review of the most prominent and common termite damage, with a discussion of the most effective solutions to get rid of the termite problem and its damage.


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