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Your comprehensive guide to Bangladesh 2022

Your full Wanderlust guide to travel in Bangladesh

Your comprehensive guide to Bangladesh 2022

The country of Bangladesh is located in southeast Asia, and is characterized by a tropical winter climate, and contains a huge number of rivers; This has made a very large proportion of the country's land fertile and arable. The country of Bangladesh has a good economy to a large extent as a developing country, and also contains a number of important tourist centers.

In this article, we will learn about the country of Bangladesh, including:

- Bangladesh website.

- The language of the state of Bangladesh.

- Major cities of Bangladesh.

- Bangladesh country area and population density.

- The History and Politics of the State of Bangladesh.

The origin of the name Bangladesh

The word Bangladesh consists of two parts: Bengal and Desh, so that the first part refers to Bengal, while the second part refers to the country or land (the land of Bengal).

Bangladesh site

Bangladesh borders Burma to the southeast, India to the west and northeast, and the Bay of Bengal to the south. The country is divided geographically into three regions, most of which are formed by the Meghna River and its tributaries, and the delta of the Ganges River known as the Brahmaputra.

Bangladesh is one of the countries of the South Asian continent, ranks eighth in terms of population, and was separated from West Pakistan by the Indian territory; This is due to ethnic and linguistic discrimination, political exclusion, and economic neglect.

Bangladesh language

The language of Bangladesh is an Indo-Aryan language, and it is the official language and the national language among the 23 official languages ​​recognized in the Republic of India, spoken by approximately 230 million people, and ranks fifth among the most spoken languages ​​in the world.

Languages ​​used in Bangladesh

Aryan languages, namely:

- Bishnubrian language.

- Chakma language.

Non-Aryan languages, namely:

- The Tibetan-Burmese Languages.

- Dravidian languages.

- Austro-Asiatic languages.

Bangladesh cities


Khulna is located on the banks of Bhairab River and Rupcha River, and is considered one of the most important industrial areas; This is due to the presence of a sea port in it called Mongla, and it occupies the third place in terms of area compared to other cities in Bangladesh.


Sylhet is located on the banks of the Surma Valley in the eastern part of Bangladesh. The city is famous for its gardens with tropical forests, and gardens planted with tea. It is also surrounded by a group of hills such as Khasi and Jinxia.

Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazar is located in the Bay of Bengal to the south, and is a coastal city; This is due to the presence of a beach in it that extends for a distance of more than 120 km.


Chittagong is located in the southern part of the country. It has the largest port and is the second largest in terms of area. It has a population of about four and a half million people.

capital of bangladesh

Dhaka is the main and political capital of Bangladesh. It is also the commercial, administrative and industrial center of the state. The city is divided into three distinct sections, and is famous for its cultivation of rice, tea, sugar, and jute.

bangladesh flag

Your comprehensive guide to Bangladesh 2022

The flag of Bangladesh consists of a green background with a red disc in the middle, where the green color refers to the green lands of the country, and the red color refers to the blood of those who sacrificed themselves for the country's independence, and also indicates the rising sun.

President of Bangladesh

Muhammad Abdul Hamid, born 1944, is a Bangladeshi politician and member of the Awami League, who assumed the presidency temporarily as the only candidate.

bangladesh map

Bangladesh is characterized by a unique geographical location, as it is located in the middle of the fertile Ganges region, from which the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers branch, and the borders of the country's lands rise about 12 meters above sea level.

Bangladesh Airport

Dhaka Capital Airport (Dhaka Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport).

Chittagong Shah International Airport is located in the southeast of Bangladesh.

Sylhet Airport is located in the eastern part of Bangladesh.

- Bangladesh area

Bangladesh is ranked 94th in the world. The total area of ​​the country is about 130,170 square kilometers, and the capital, Dhaka, is the largest city in Bangladesh in terms of population density and area, and 34% of the population resides in cities.

Bangladesh population

The population of Bangladesh for the year 2021 is about 164,689,383 people, or 2.11% of the total world population. Bangladesh ranks eighth in the world in terms of population, and the annual increase is estimated at 1,643,222 people.

tourism in bangladesh

The geographical diversity in Bangladesh has led to the presence of different types of nature tourism, as the Sundarbans is the largest mass of mangrove forests in the world, and it is among the best 14 natural wonders of the world. To encourage tourism, a tourist police was formed to provide the best protection for tourists.

seas in bangladesh

- seaside patenga.

- Kuakata seaside.

- Nijhum Dwip Beach.

 Archeology in Bangladesh

- Pala Buddhist architecture.

- Indo-Islamic architecture.

- Mughal architecture.

Tourist islands, including:

Saint Martin Island.

Bhola Island, Bhola.

Sandwip Island.

- Bangladesh passport

It is considered one of the lowest ranked passports in the world, ranking 103 according to the Passport Evaluation Index. Those who hold a Bangladeshi passport have the advantage of entering only 39 countries without a visa, while there are 18 travel destinations that the passport holder needs to obtain a visa before traveling.

Bangladesh History

In the past, Bangladesh was part of Bengal, as it was governed by the powers that ruled India, but during the negotiations for Indian independence it was separated from India; This is due to the Muslim majority in Bangladesh, and in 1972 Bangladesh became an independent parliamentary democracy.

Bangladesh Politics

The politics of Bangladesh is exercised within the framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, where the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is the head of government, and the government exercises the executive power, and the legislative power. The constitution was written in 1972 and has undergone sixteen amendments.


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