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Reasons why cats runaway from home

 Why do cats run away from home? Do cats come back home after they run away?

Reasons why cats run away from home
Reasons why cats run away from home

Cats running away from homes cause anxiety for their owners; The cat may be absent from the house for hours or even days, and this makes them look for the reasons for the cats escaping from the house, and to make it easier for you, we will review in this article the reasons for the cats escaping from the house.

1. Reproduction

This is one of the main reasons for the flight of cats. Female cats often look for male cats to mate, or male cats search for female cats to mate, and this can be inferred by the high temperature; When it comes time to breed, the cat’s temperature rises, and this makes it search with its strong senses for other cats whose temperature is as high as it is. before birth; In order to search for a safe and unobtrusive place to put her young.

2. The need for hunting

Although many cat owners complain about their cat escaping despite the provision of appropriate food for it, the cat has an instinctive need to hunt, so it needs from time to time to search for prey to hunt, and in the absence of prey in the area, it often moves to areas Neighborhood to search for prey, and this is the reason why cats are absent for days, and cats like to feel calm in the area in which they are, without feeling threatened.

3. Moving to another house

Cats tend to get attached to the place they are in, and they are similar to dogs in this way, so moving to another house can lead to the escape of cats, and therefore it is necessary to accustom the cats before moving to the new house, as cats need a long time to get used to the new place ; This is because they cannot adapt quickly, and if the cat escapes when moving to a new house, it will most likely have returned to the old house.

4. Find additional food

If the cat is running away for several hours every day at the same time, it is likely that one of the owners of the neighboring houses provides it with food at this time. Solve this problem by feeding the cat food it likes and likes.

5. Insect hunt

Cats prefer chasing insects in the summer, and this leads to their escape for long distances, and the escape of cats may extend for several hours or several days, so care must be taken to get rid of insects scattered in the house by spraying the house with special pesticides provided that they are not toxic and affect cats.

6. Lack of interest in cats

In the event that the cat is used to great attention and providing everything he needs, but he began to lose part of this attention for various reasons, whether it is due to being busy at work, due to the arrival of a new child, or because of being busy with friends, the cats will immediately feel that; Because they are very sensitive, and then they will flee outside the house, and their escape may last for several days or may last longer, and it is worth noting that cats are looking for a more comfortable and quiet place, in the event that there is a constant noise in the house, the cat will leave the house and look for a place Another away from the hustle.

7. Bring another pet

If the cat is accustomed to a great deal of attention, and then the owner brings another animal such as a dog, another cat, or any other pet, the cat will have difficulty adjusting to this new change, and may go out of the house in search of another place that is more comfortable, and may continue to be out For a long time, and to avoid this, the cat must be gradually accustomed to adapting to the other animal.

8. Threat

Care must be taken to monitor the cat's surroundings. If he is threatened by another animal or tortured by a member of the house, the cat will leave the house in search of another safer place, or it may hide in one of the places in the garden of the house.

important information

If the cat has been out for a long time, it should be reported; Because he may be injured, have been in an accident, been hit by a car or died, care should always be taken to put a tag in the form of a necklace or any other tag to put the cat's information, where he lives, and the owner's number, and hang it on the cat's neck; This is so that anyone who finds it can return it.


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