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Experienced ideas and tips for tourism in the ancient Istanbul 2022

What should tourists see and do in Istanbul? What is Turkey known for tourism? What is Istanbul famous for?What makes Turkey a popular tourist destination?

Experienced ideas and tips for tourism in the ancient Istanbul 2022
Experienced ideas and tips for tourism in the ancient Istanbul 2022

The city of Istanbul in Turkey is one of the most famous tourist cities around the world, and millions of people visit it annually from all countries of the world. In 2016 it was ranked eighth in the world in terms of receiving tourists, as the number of tourists reached more than 11 million tourists.

The city of Istanbul is distinguished by its hosting of a large number of natural, historical and cultural attractions and places. A nature lover finds the sea, forests and gardens in it, and a lover of history finds in it many Ottoman monuments, as it was the capital of the Ottoman Caliphate for decades. Also, a lover of shopping finds in it a huge number of markets, and even A student of culture and art finds what he wants. In this article, we will present the most important tips and ideas for people who want to visit and travel to Istanbul.

Arrival in Istanbul

Istanbul has two international airports, in addition to a third airport that will be the largest in the world, which is still under construction. The airports are:

1 - Ataturk Airport: 

It is the largest of the two airports. It is located on the European side of Istanbul, about 24 km from the city center, and the metro line (metro) connects to it through which you can reach the city center easily.

2 - Sabiha Gökçen Airport:

 It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, 45 km away from the city center, and it is possible to take a bus to reach the city center in a journey that takes about 45-50 minutes. The flights arriving at this airport are usually cheaper than Ataturk Airport.

Transportation in Istanbul

- The city of Istanbul is characterized by the multiplicity of means of transportation and its ease, as it contains a relatively complex network of underground trains (metro) and light trains, and it is also possible to move between its Asian and European ends with a network of ships and ferries. Except for the available taxis, but it is not recommended to use them due to the traffic jam that is in their tracks. Also, many tourists complain of major fraud cases by their owners.

- Istanbul Municipality provides a special card that can be used for all government transportation, such as trains, ferries, buses, etc., where tourists can buy it once, and be recharged at any time you want, as bus stops and trains provide special units to charge these cards.

Important applications for roaming in Istanbul

Applications that can be downloaded to mobile devices can be used, as it helps you to reach the place you want in the best way. Among these applications:

1 - Metro İstanbul program and displays details of metro and tram lines.

2 - Trafi program, which is very important in knowing the timings and routes of buses, and enables you to enter the place you want to go to show you the navigation options with the appointments.

3 - Google Maps is also very useful in displaying all the options that can be used to reach the place you specify. The downside is that you need an internet connection.

4 - The Uber program in which you can order a car that will come to you to get you where you want to go.

5 - program, in which you can download a map of the city of Istanbul for use without the need for an Internet connection.
Accommodation and hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for its many hotels and accommodation options. Hotel options are concentrated in two main areas;

1 - The Taksim area,

 which is considered the new center of Istanbul, is characterized by its restaurants and its proximity to the markets, the most famous of which is Istiklal Street, and the liveliness of the area and for a late night.

2 - Sultanahmet area,

 which is the archaeological area in Istanbul, and is characterized by its calm, and its proximity to most of the archaeological tourist sites.

The most prominent landmarks and tourist places in Istanbul

There are many tourist places in Istanbul, and their manifestations vary, there are markets, natural monuments, historical monuments, and more, the most prominent of which are:

-- Gardens  in Istanbul

Experienced ideas and tips for tourism in the ancient Istanbul 2022
Experienced ideas and tips for tourism in the ancient Istanbul 2022

1 - Otağtepe Park: It is located in the Asian part, and you can go to the garden from the “Uskudar” area.

2 - Emirgân Korusu Park: It is located on the European side, and can be reached from the Kabatas tram stop.

3 - Yildiz Park, located near Ortokay.

4 - Fatih Bridge Garden - Fethi Pasha, in Uskudar.

5- Gulhane Park, in Sultanahmet district.

6 - Ulus Parkı.

7 - Pierre Loti Hill: It is located in the Ayoub area. It has a view and a cable car. You can reach it by metro bus and get off at the Ayoub station.

8 - The Princes' Islands, which are islands close to Istanbul, are reached by ferries from Kabatas.

9 - Bride's Hill, a beautiful garden overlooking the Bosphorus.
Historical monuments

-- A mosque in Istanbul

A mosque in Istanbul

1 - The Museum of the High Palace or Topkapi, which contains relics of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

2 - Aya Sofia

3 - Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)

4 - Muhammad Al-Fateh Mosque

5 - Mosque and shrine of the companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari

6 - Rumeli Hisar Castle (Mehmed the Conqueror Castle).

7 - Galata Tower, Karakoy District.

8 - The submerged or basaltic palace (Basilica Cistern).

9 - Ortakoy Mosque.

-- markets  in Istanbul

One of the bazaars in Istanbul

1 - Jewels Mall.

2 - Forum Istanbul Mall.

3 - Istiklal Street.

4 - The Grand Bazaar.

5 - Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Market).

-- events in Istanbul 

Many activities can be practiced in Istanbul, including:

one of the dervishes

1 - Visiting large aquariums, such as the “İstanbul Akvaryum”, which is located near Ataturk Airport, and there is also “Turquoise”, which is a large aquarium, located in the “Forum Istanbul” mall.

2 - Bosphorus strait tour

3 - Attending dervish parties.

4 - Take a Turkish bath in one of the famous old Turkish baths 
 located in Sultanahmet area.

5 - Marine activities, such as diving.

6 - Ride on air tours by helicopter.

7 - A visit to the amusement park called “Via Land”, which is located near the Ayoub area.

8 - Visit Mina Turk, which is an open-air museum, with models of Turkey's most famous landmarks in general.


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