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The best online hotel reservation site.. Learn about the 4 most famous websites

What is the best hotel booking site? What is the largest hotel booking site? What is the most popular travel booking site? Is Agoda legit 2022?

The best online hotel reservation site.. Learn about the 4 most famous websites

 Reserving hotels through the Internet has become an easy and simple thing that anyone can do by himself, provided that there is a bank card through which payment is made for booking suitable hotels. On the ground, there is more than one way through which hotels can be booked. There is the traditional way of booking hotels through local tourism offices, or by direct booking with the hotel, or by booking through various Internet sites, which we will learn about the best hotel reservation site .. These are 4 of the most popular sites in this article.

The 4 most popular online hotel booking sites

1 -, one of the most popular online travel agents, has more than 1.5 million accommodation options spread over 124,000 destinations and cities.

2 -, which recently won the award for the best advanced hotel booking site as an online travel agent, and two years ago was ranked as the best booking site in Asia. It has more than 2 million accommodation options.

3 -, which is also an online travel agent, has a “blind booking” option that saves you a good percentage while booking.

4 -, which is one of the sites that relies on searching for online travel agents, is just an intermediary, as it searches more than 30 online travel agents to get the best price, and sometimes it searches the websites of the hotels themselves. The downside is that it sometimes displays old prices that are different from the real prices.

Best hotel booking site

According to what we saw in the previous paragraph, (an online travel agent) is considered the most famous, best, most used and clear with users, as it is distinguished by the fact that the price that appears to you when the results of the survey is final (including taxes) unlike other online travel agents Which shows you the final prices at the last step of the reservation.

The Booking site is also distinguished from other sites by the presence of a large number of hotels and accommodation options (at least twice what you might find in other sites), and it is also ahead of other sites with better prices, often. It also features extensive options to filter search results for the desired hotel.


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