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Natural recipes to get rid of mouth odor

How do you get rid of bad breath naturally? How can I remove bad smell from mouth fast? Does apple cider vinegar help with bad breath? What Herb takes away bad breath?

Natural recipes to get rid of mouth odor
Natural recipes to get rid of mouth odor

 Bad breath is one of the common problems that many people face, and it is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth that produce gases that lead to its appearance, and it is worth noting that treating this problem does not require spending a lot of money on commercial mouthwashes, as a mouthwash can be prepared Using natural ingredients available in most homes, we will show in this article how to prepare the most famous of these washes.

Baking soda rinse for mouth odor

Studies have shown the effectiveness of baking soda in killing bacteria in the mouth. To make a mouthwash using it, you can follow the following instructions:

- Add two teaspoons of baking soda to a glass of warm water.

- Use the rinse on your mouth for at least 30 seconds.

Vinegar rinse to get rid of mouth odor

Bacteria cannot grow in acidic environments, and because vinegar contains acetic acid, it is a good mouth rinse. To make it, you can follow the following instructions:

- Add two tablespoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to a glass of water.

- Rinse the mouth with the mixture, making sure to keep it in the mouth for 30 seconds before spitting it out.

Lemon wash to get rid of mouth odor

Lemon juice can be used to prepare a refreshing mouthwash by following the following instructions:

- Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to a glass of water.

- Use the mixture as a mouthwash, and then you can notice the refreshing smell and the demise of the unpleasant smell.

Cinnamon mouthwash to get rid of bad breath

Cinnamon can contribute to killing bacteria in the mouth, and to use it in the preparation of a rinse, the following instructions can be followed:

- Add a spoonful of cinnamon with a bay leaf to a cup of hot water.

- Add a few grains of cardamom, then filter the mixture after soaking to use it as a mouthwash.

Drinks and foods to get rid of bad breath

Eating certain foods and drinks in the diet can help get rid of bad breath, and the following is a presentation of the most prominent of them:


 Parsley is one of the famous folk remedies that are used to get rid of bad breath, and studies have shown that parsley can resist unpleasant-smelling sulfur compounds. Parsley supplement daily.

Pineapple juice:

 Pineapple juice is famous for its use in the treatment of bad breath, and to use it you can drink a cup of it after each meal, or you can chew a slice of pineapple for a period ranging from one to two minutes, and then it is important to rinse the mouth with water to get rid of the effects of the fruit sugar in the pineapple. .


Research shows that dry mouth often causes a bad smell in the mouth, so it is possible to combat dry mouth by drinking a lot of water, and this is enough to solve the problem of bad smell, as drinking water stimulates the secretion of saliva responsible for oral hygiene and the balance of bacteria in it.


 Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that help in combating bad breath caused by harmful bacteria.


 Milk is usually used to get rid of the strong smell of some foods such as garlic, so drinking it can help eliminate bad breath.


 Eating oranges can contribute to the elimination of bad breath, because it stimulates the secretion of saliva, and thus keeps the mouth moist.

Green tea:

 Research shows that green tea has antiseptic and deodorizing properties, so you can drink green tea to treat the matter, whether hot or cold.


One study found that apples have a strong anti-garlic effect, as they contain some natural compounds that eliminate the bad smell of garlic, making them useful in eliminating bad breath.


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