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Learn about the most famous Chinese cities that are worth visiting 2022

 What is the most visited city in China? What is China's most beautiful city? Which one is best city of China? Where do Chinese tourists travel the most?

guangzhou city

Learn about the most famous Chinese cities that are worth visiting 2022

Quanzhou is a sub-provincial city that controls many provinces, such as: Liwan County, with a population of about 898,000, Hezhou, with a population of about 1.5 million, Huadu County, with a population of 945,000, and Quanzhou County, with a population of 1.15 million. Nansha Province has 259 thousand people, Tianhe Province has 1.43 million people, and other 11 provinces, specifically. It is worth noting that the area of ​​the entire city is 7,434.4 km2, and its height above sea level is 21 m, and the current mayor of the city is Wen Guohui.

--  Historic landmarks of Quanzhou

The city of Quanzhou contains a group of important historical
 monuments dating back hundreds and thousands of years, such as: Abu Waqas Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in the Republic of China, dating back to the year 629, by a man named Abi Waqqas. There are some narrations that say that the mosque was built by Abu Waqas, the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace -, but these are very weak narrations. In general, the mosque is one of the historical landmarks of the city, and among the historical monuments is the Ming Dynasty temple that was built for The Ming Dynasty, which ruled from 1368-1644, and Shamian Island, which remained largely under European influence, and is now home to the American Consulate, as well as Huai Sheng Mosque on Quang Ta Street, built during the Tang Dynasty in 618 - 907, the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees; It is a Buddhist temple built in 537.

Learn about the most famous Chinese cities that are worth visiting 2022

The climate of Guangzhou

The city of Guangzhou has a humid and subtropical climate, in the winter is mild and tends to rain, and in the summer with high heat and humidity, and for high temperatures; In January, it is about 27.2 degrees, and in July it is 39.1 degrees. As for the average high temperature; It is 18.3 degrees in January, and about 32.8 degrees in July, while the average low temperature reaches 10.3 degrees in January, and 25.5 degrees in July, and the low temperature is 0.1 degrees in January, and 21.6 degrees in the month July.

The history of the city of guangzhou

The city of Guangzhou was incorporated into the People's Republic of China in the middle of the third century BC, due to the city's important location on the Silk Road; The Muslims had great mixing with its inhabitants, as the Arabs of the Middle East were passing through the city's ports, and among the travelers who passed through it; Ibn Battuta, Abu Zaid al-Sirafi, and in the sixteenth century the Europeans arrived in the city and were able to control it. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Republic of China was declared, and the Kuomingdang Party established its headquarters in the city of Guangzhou, but soon the matter changed again with the outbreak of World War II and the entry of the Japanese into China, and the Japanese army remained in possession of the city until 1945, then it regained The Chinese government has re-established the city and has undertaken a vast process of reconstruction and construction in it, to the extent that it has now become one of the largest investment and economic cities in China.

Iowa City

Learn about the most famous Chinese cities that are worth visiting 2022

Yiwu or Yiwu as some call it is a Chinese city with a population of 1.2 million people. Yiwu is famous for being a vibrant city; Because it is a huge commercial center for Arab and foreign merchants from all over the world to buy goods in large quantities and then resell them in their countries, as it is characterized by the presence of many goods and products at cheaper prices than anywhere else, and it is considered a destination for shopaholics to purchase their individual needs, and Iowa is a place that welcomes all Cultures and open to all nationalities, beliefs, races and opinions. The Chinese government is also making every effort to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all and working to issue laws that suit all visitors of different nationalities. This openness and peaceful coexistence have helped attract tourists from all parts of the world.

Iowa City located

Yiwu is located in the center of Jijiang County, which overlooks the central east coast of the People's Republic of China. Although it is administratively affiliated with Jinhua State, its fame has surpassed it. The city is 123 km from Hangzhou Airport, 310 km from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and 310 km from Don Yang City is 20 km away, and it is 150 km from the capital, Hangzhou, and the distance between it and Wenzhou is 300 km, and it is 250 km from Shanghai Port.

The climate of Iowa

The city is characterized by a seasonal subtropical climate, which is mostly warm and humid, and Iowa is similar in its climate to London and New York, and the lowest temperature recorded was 4.2 degrees Celsius and that was in January, and the highest temperatures were observed was 29.3 degrees Celsius. That's in July.

Markets in Iow

Ayo has more than twenty markets spread throughout the city since 1982, and important markets include:

Yiwu Furniture Market: 

This market covers an area of ​​1.6 m² with an investment of 250 million, and is the largest market in Xinjiang Province. Items that suit all financial capabilities of the buyer, there are the first, black, and ordinary elites, and the market is divided into several floors. On the first floor, there is a variety of glass furniture, sofa, rattan, and office furniture, while on the second floor all the requirements and needs of children are available, and on the third floor The visitor will find several types of wooden furniture, European-style furniture, and mahogany furniture. The fourth floor contains many different types of furniture. As for all those looking for decoration and accessories, their destination is the fifth floor. down the market.
Huang Yuang

Clothing Market:

 This market covers an area of ​​420,000 m², and its cost reaches 1.4 billion RMB. This market is famous for selling wholesale clothing, such as: sportswear, children's clothing, women's and men's clothing, and sweaters, and its eighth and ninth floors contain homemade products.
Fatian Market: Yiwu is the International Trade City, also called Fatian Market, and this market extends over an area of ​​257.816 square meters.

Food Market:

 This market is located on Shicheng Street, with an area of ​​68,749.5 m². The fourth and fifth floors are divided into several sections, such as: the Monitoring Department, and the Financial Management Department.
International production materials market: This market specializes in selling various equipment and machines, such as: electrical appliances, printing and packaging machines, food industry machines, and lighting and lighting.

Telecommunications Market:

It is a market specialized in displaying fixed and mobile Chinese phones and all their requirements, in addition to digital cameras and some electronic goods.


Foshan City

Learn about the most famous Chinese cities that are worth visiting 2022

The meaning of the name Foshan in Chinese is 佛山, which means the abbreviated word Chan, and it is a city centered in Guangdeng Province in southern China, with a population of more than 5 million people, and more than a million people living in the same city according to the 2000 census, and Foshan is considered one One of the cultural cities with a rich history, it is the birthplace of Guangdong Opera, and it is a famous area in the field of wushu and ceramics, in addition to that, it is a prominent economic area in the city of Delta near the Pearl River. It has remained for thousands of years known as a commercial area and a center for advanced industry in China. Foshan is characterized by its many tourist destinations, such as natural and artificial landscapes, which encouraged an increase in the number of visitors from inside and outside China.

History of Foshan

Foshan is one of the ancient and ancient cities, dating back more than 500 years, which emerged during the rule of the Tang Dynasty. A city in Britain, the city's naming of Foshan is related to the three Buddha statues located inside the city.

Location and area of ​​Foshan

The area of ​​Foshan is about 3,840 km2, and the city's height above sea level is about 16 m. The city is located in the center of Guangdong Province in the south, within the delta region and overlooks the Pearl River. It is bordered to the east by Guangzhou, to the south by Hong Kong and Macau, as well as to the north To the west is Zhaoqing District, to the east is Guangzhou, 20 km away, to the west is Yunfu District, and Jiangmen City is located in the southeastern part. As for the climate of Foshan, it is subtropical and rainy most of the time.

Residents of Foshan City

The population of Foshan is approximately 7 million or more, according to the 2012 census. The city's residents speak the local Cantonese dialect, and they have been divided into 9 different municipalities, the most prominent of which are five regions: Shunde, Sanshui, Chanqing, Nanhai, and Gao.

Features of Foshan City

Foshan is famous for its ancient Buddhist temples, which are considered an engineering masterpiece within Chinese architecture. Such as pottery, Chinese porcelain, and ceramics, and it is also a place for martial arts and self-defense, and also contains the opera, in which a series of Cantonese series are made, in addition to that, Foshan is characterized by fishing and rice cultivation.

The most important tourist places in Foshan

Mount Qiqiao:

Mount Qiqiao is one of the dormant volcanoes, which is characterized by the picturesque nature surrounding it in addition to the wonderful views and charming views.
Temples: Temples abound in Foshan, the most important of which are Foshan Temple, Sheshan Temple, Renshou Temple, and Paulin Temple.

Shun Ancient Pottery Headquarters:

This center dates back to the time of the empires that successively took power in China in the past. Even now, craftsmen specializing in pottery and ceramics in China come to it because it is still open until the present time.
Foshan Natural Gardens: Natural parks abound in the city, including Qinghui Park, Sanshui Forest Park, Zhongshan Park, and Liangyuan Garden.

Other landmarks in Foshan:

There are also many places and tourist facilities in Foshan that visitors may want to go to, such as: shopping places, commercial centers, as well as Foshan Folklore Association, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and martial arts scenes loved by tourists, which contributed It helped improve the city's economy.


guangzhou city

What is Guangzhou famous? Is Guangzhou China safe? Is Guangzhou a city or state? Which city is Guangzhou in China?

More than 14 million people live in the city of Guangzhou, in an area of ​​11.219 km2, and it is known by other names, such as: Guangzhou, Canton, and Guangzhou, and in general it is one of the most famous industrial and commercial cities in the People's Republic of China; Where it includes many factories and institutions that produce and export to the city's markets, and Quanzhou includes several markets specialized in different fields; There are markets specialized in selling clothes only, markets specialized in selling toys for all ages, and markets specializing in selling electronics; Such as mobile phones, computers, markets specializing in the sale of food products, as well as agricultural products, in addition to manufacturing machines and so on.

Markets in Guangzhou

clothing markets

The city contains many clothing markets that are permanently produced within the city, and among these markets are; Wenjia Market, which includes many stores inside, all of which offer children's clothing only, as well as the Shaho Market, which was established in 1997, and it sells all kinds of clothes at different prices that suit all classes and groups of society, as well as the Kang Lu market that specializes in selling jeans clothes for men and women, It covers an area of ​​6000 square meters and includes many stores, and the Wu Fu market specialized in selling underwear for men and women. It consists of 1,000 stores or more on an area of ​​38,000 square meters.

Haiyan Electronics Market

Quanzhou is one of the most important and largest industrial cities in the State of China, and among the products that are manufactured within it are electronics, and therefore there is a dedicated market that brings together mobile phones, computers and various electronic devices, in addition to the supplies of these products from accessories and other accessories, and Haiyan market is the main market for electronics In the city, where it includes products from various brands; Whether Chinese or non-Chinese, and of course the prices of these products vary according to their quality and brand, but in general, market prices are within the reach of everyone, and this is known for most of China's products.

Sun Yen Low Market for Brands

The Sun Yen Lu Brands Market is the perfect place for people who love international brands, but do not have enough money to buy them. In this market, those wishing to buy will find a wide range of products that follow European and international brands, but they will be at a quarter of the original price for them, and this is because they are made in China Specifically in the industrial city of Guangzhou, these counterfeit brands are difficult for many people to distinguish from the original brand, especially with regard to the external appearance, so they are admired by many, and the market includes many products; Which include clothes, shoes, bags, perfume, etc.

gaming markets

Quanzhou Industrial City includes many markets specialized in selling various toys, and the largest gathering of these markets is in the main Ida Street, where the street includes several markets for selling toys, such as: Jia Lu Su Market, A Jin Yuan Toys and Stationery Market, and Djugang Toy Market, Ida International Games Complex, and other markets located in the same street, and besides this there is another market in another area; It is the Wan Ling Plaza Market, which is located on the south side of Ji Fang Street. This market opened on an area of ​​40,000 square meters in 2004. It includes many stores distributed over several floors. The prices of the products inside this market are among the cheapest, due to the fact that they are sold at wholesale price and exported to other countries.


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