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Feasibility study for establishing a medical supplies project with the distribution of medical supplies to pharmacies

Conditions for opening a medical supplies store - Medical supplies price list 2021 - Feasibility study for a medical supplies project - Opening a medical supplies store - Conditions for opening a medical supplies store

Feasibility study for establishing a medical supplies project with the distribution of medical supplies to pharmacies
 Feasibility study for establishing a medical supplies project with the distribution of medical supplies to pharmacies


Today, on the Egyptian Family website, we present to you the project of distributing medical supplies in pharmacies. The project of distributing medical supplies in pharmacies is one of the most beautiful projects of our time. It operates as a store or company that sells medical products used in hospitals and private medical clinics, such as masks, gauze, gloves, glucose and pressure meters, etc.

How do I start a medical supplies business?

The primary objective of selling and distributing medical supplies can be confusing for many people, believing that the purpose of selling and distributing medical supplies is to trade medicines and this is a common mistake in stores that sell and distribute medical supplies specialized in distributing medical devices. They are the ones that are used in hospitals such as face masks, gauze, gloves, stethoscopes, blood pressure and glucose meters, and these products are needed by patients and can be distributed to pharmacies. It also acts as a link between the factories that manufacture medical products, hospitals and the patient who needs those products and cannot sell any medicines because it interferes with the store's work.

 Feasibility study of a project to distribute medical supplies to pharmacies

A project in medical care As with other projects, a feasibility study must be conducted before starting implementation. The person who wants to start this project must study the idea of ​​the project well before implementing it, the components of the project and the essence of its work. He knows the services he provides to his clients, determines the specifications and components in which he will invest his money, and he needs to know the market around him, the prices of traders, selling prices and the amount of his profit from them. Therefore, before starting the implementation of the project, it must be taken into account that the owner of the idea is familiar with all technical aspects, including knowledge of the products, their types, specifications, how they work and which ones are most in demand and used. He must also determine the area and location of the project based on the medical supplies to be purchased from him, and he must investigate all the financial matters and determine the average profit that he will make reasonably and the expenses he will spend on setting up this store you will undertake to determine.

The right location for a project to sell medical supplies

The location of the project is the most important idea that the project owner should come up with, especially that when selling medical supplies, it is preferable that the shop be close to private clinics or hospitals, and the storage area cannot be less than 25 square meters. - It is preferable that the site includes a warehouse with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bat least 50 m2, since the products offered are only samples, but it is necessary to provide enough space in the store. Warehouse is kept clean at all times to keep it free of insects and well ventilated, - It is recommended to turn off the power supply when no personnel are present in the warehouse to avoid short circuit and should have fire extinguishers, alarms and surveillance cameras.

Requirements for creating a medical supplies store project

The owner of the idea must, after fulfilling all the requirements for obtaining permission, obtain

- First, obtain a permit to operate a business from the Permits Department in the Central Business Administration of Pharmacists.

- Cameras for the company or shop must also be provided to prevent theft and others.

 - A computer must be provided so that products and supplies can be registered with it. A desk must also be provided to put the computer on, and

- Provide shelves in the store to display medical devices, and issue tax invoices on behalf of the store to protect the right of the consumer to replace or return the product purchased.

 - He must also determine the number of workers needed to run the store, including an accountant to take care of the computer, and keep records of purchases and sales. The correct method of marketing, advertising and advertising in the medical supply project is also one of the important things to consider and that mainly contributes to the success of the project is the method of advertising and publicity,

 - So a big banner should be placed in shopping as a measure of marketing. This sign contains the name of the company, business address, work area and brand, in addition, the entrepreneur must go to several pharmacies and display their products there

- As well as in hospitals, private clinics, medical complexes, treatment centers and contracts with the largest number of clients. Successful advertising can also be done through the Internet, social networking sites, medical websites on the Internet,

 - Print ads can be made and placed near hospitals and pharmacies.

Conditions that must be met in the medical supply store

There are a number of conditions that an entrepreneur must meet in a medical supply store in order for the project to be accepted:

 - So that the bathroom area and hallway are added to the overall store space.
 The height of the shop must not be less than 2.6 meters in all areas of the shop.

  The project soil level cannot be lower than the level of the public road. In addition, if the customer cannot achieve this condition, he should take all necessary precautions to prevent water from entering the store to create a drainage network at the door,

 - But it was determined that it does not prevent patients from entering. Avoid covering the floor of the medical supply store with combustible materials in the form of plastic or wood.

The basic materials for construction must conform to the Egyptian specifications, such as bricks and concrete. All walls should be covered with washable materials while avoiding the use of materials that absorb reflection and heat radiation.

All measures must be taken to ensure that the maximum temperature does not always exceed 30°C. Store humidity should not be more than 65 degrees, so provide about 1.


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