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Feasibility study of eggplant cultivation for the year 2022 with costs and profits

 Feasibility study of planting an acre of eggplant for the year 2022 with costs and profits

Feasibility study of eggplant cultivation for the year 2022 with costs and profits | Cultivation of eggplant in desert lands drip irrigation
Feasibility study of eggplant cultivation for the year 2022 with costs and profits | Cultivation of eggplant in desert lands drip irrigation

Cultivation of eggplant 2022 

Dear members of the Egyptian Family website Today, we are discussing a new feasibility study, but it is somewhat specialized because it does not belong to the general people of the good Arab world, but belongs to a specific category, which is workers in the agricultural field, whether owners of desert lands or farmers in the old lands or any other Whoever is looking to invest in the agricultural field in general, and what we will present today is one of the best vegetable cultivation projects, the most important of which is the eggplant cultivation project... 

A feasibility study for eggplant cultivation.

 Eggplant is indispensable daily or at least weekly for some segments of society. Very high iron content with fibers And antioxidants, in addition to its use as a basic item on the breakfast table in some Arab countries, lunch or dinner ... I give you a minute to work your mind with me, dear reader, to tell me where was the last time you saw eggplant today? Did you see it today in the restaurant from which you made your breakfast, in addition to potatoes and beans? And falafel ... 

Eggplant cultivation profits 2022 

I will start from the end to motivate you to read and open your appetite for abundant profit .. What happens if I tell you - that the production of an acre of eggplant averages 35 tons, or 35,000 kilos of eggplant throughout The season extending over a period of 4 to 6 months 

- and if I told you that the average price of eggplant throughout the season ranges between 1.75 and 2.5 Egyptian pounds in the wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits. 

- Using the calculator and using a simple multiplication process, you will find that the average production of an acre of eggplant is 74,000 Egyptian pounds, and it will certainly come out against some skeptics about the superstition of these profits and their impossibility.

- And it is not least if I told you that the costs of growing an acre of eggplant are if you continue reading with me so that I can help you from the point of view of an eggplant grower, not a university doctor who issues a book on the botanical description of the eggplant plant.

 Varieties of eggplant..

in general, and without going into details and descriptions of varieties or hybrids, it may change from year to year or from one company to another, so the names abound. Eggplant from the point of view of profit, not academic. The classic eggplant and the turkey. The difference is that the classic variety is somewhat longer than the turkey. The turkey is rounded from the bottom. The classic is oval and is required for popular restaurants specializing in beans and falafel. You can imagine that a medium-sized restaurant may consume 40 kg of eggplant per day of classic or turkey. 

- The white, the bride and the fluted. Long varieties and the same except for the color for stuffing and pickling. They are used in restaurants that prepare meals for lunch, barbecue, and hotels. So what better than eating stuffed in one of the famous restaurants? 

The basis of the stuffed meal is stuffed eggplant, because it is available throughout the year. In general, the long varieties of eggplant, whether white Or black ones, which are more expensive than rumi or classics, and they are often requested in restaurants. As for the grooved eggplant, i.e. white with a violet speckled in it, it is the most popular for Egyptian and Arab home consumption, and at some times of the year it may reach 10 Egyptian pounds. 

- Recently, there are some restaurants in the Gulf Arab countries that are requesting grilled and frozen eggplant from Egypt, and this was touched last year, and it is exported at very profitable prices.

The costs of planting an acre of eggplant for the year 2022 

- 4000 EGP The average rent per acre, whether desert or clay land, for a period of 6 months, which is a suitable period for growing eggplant 

- 600 EGP The rent of a tractor - plowing and lightening the lines and restoring some of the placement of organic matter (the manure) 

- 3000 EGP 20 meters of local manure (foam) from cows' droppings, which are needed to supply the eggplant plant with nutrition throughout the season. 

- 650 EGP Expenses of stripping the manure in the lines by agricultural workers. 

- 3000 EGP drip irrigation network for one main and subsidiary feddan if you are planting in a sandy desert land with a drip system, but if irrigation by flood does not exist for this item. 

- 3750 EGP the price of eggplant seedlings, which are purchased from one of the nurseries of the required variety and come in the form of trays of cork and trays, containing 200 plants, which are transferred at the time of planting to the land that we will plant, and the acre needs 25 trays, 5000 plants per acre and an average Chinese price 150 EGP 

- 1000 EGP Labor expenses for planting seedlings in the ground 

- 2500 acre consumption of fertilizers and nutrients for 5 months 

- 2000 acre consumption of pesticides for red spider, insects and fungal diseases. 

- 1000 EGP irrigation expenses, whether by diesel or electricity throughout the season per feddan. 

- The total expenses of an acre of eggplant for the year 2022 - 21,500 pounds,

 the profits of growing an acre of eggplant for the year 2022 

- if the feasibility study indicates a cost of 21,500 pounds per acre, and if the profits of an acre of eggplant refer to 74 thousand pounds on average, the profit is in This case for an acre of eggplant for the year 2025 is 50 thousand Egyptian pounds, and I will not accept any doubts about this study because I am telling you about a personal experience, as I told you before about the garlic crop, and thank God we have topped Google search results in the Arab world on this subject. 

- The method of planting eggplant 2022 

- plowing the land twice with perpendicular tractors, then planning the land to put the organic matter (the bog) 

- the separation of the bog in the lines by workers or agricultural mechanization, whichever is closer to you. 

- Backfilling over the organic matter with 20 cm of sand with terracing for easy drainage of excess water 

- Individual irrigation and fermentation hoses with water for at least 20 hours to help decomposition of the bog 

- Cultivation of seedlings by transferring them from the nursery tray to the permanent land, and it is required that the land be Wet with water as much as possible. 

- Irrigation after seedling for 5 minutes to close the pores of the earth and the gaps, and then continuous irrigation every 3 days for a simple period not exceeding 10 minutes until it forces the seedling to search for its food and thus the roots move and in the soil. Fertilization begins a week after seedlings using balanced fertilizer or using nitrogen with phosphorous and potassium alternately with attention to microelements and foliar feeding.

- Eggplant planting dates 2022

- Eggplants are planted throughout the year, starting from February, which is the summer loop, until the first of October, which is the winter loop.

- The eggplant harvest begins 40 days after transplanting, and the harvest continues for 4 months, 2-3 times a week, according to the feeding program.

- In the end, it is a word for any investor who wants a guaranteed profit from the field of agriculture. You can easily manage a project to grow eggplant and make profits from a product that does not depend on demand, even for one moment. It has multiple uses in all countries of the world and cooks in more than one form, and therefore work on a commodity is demanded in this image It is much better than working on a product that is used by a certain category of people and we welcome you for any inquiries in the comments


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