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Disadvantages of the dishwasher Beko 2022

Is Beko a good brand of dishwasher? 

Disadvantages of the dishwasher Beko 2022

What is wrong with my Beko dishwasher? How long should a Beko dishwasher last? What are the disadvantages of dishwasher?

-- Beko dishwasher

Every family is keen to find the means that help them complete household tasks with the least effort and as quickly as possible, and for this reason the use of household appliances is frequent, and the most prominent of these tools is the dishwasher, which cleans pots and dishes in an easy and effective way that exceeds people cleaning their hands for dishes, and Beko is one of the most important Companies specializing in the manufacture of electrical appliances in general, and dishwashers in particular, and the variety of dishwashers produced by the company in order to provide all requirements, the user ensures the cleanliness of the dishes as they come out of the washing machine sterilized.

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-- Types of Beko dishwashers

The Beko DFS05010S washing machine is designed for ten persons, with five systems, two racks and two water sprays, and consumes about thirteen liters of water, while the Beko dishwasher DFN05210S is designed to accommodate dishes of 12 persons, but it consumes 14 liters of water, and the Beko dishwasher DFN38320X is similar to the Beko DFN28320X dishwasher in the specifications, where the two washing machines came equipped with 13 people, eight systems, a digital display, two shelves, and three sprays, but the first consumes ten liters of water, while the second consumes thirteen liters.

-- Disadvantages of a Beko dishwasher

big size

Beko dishwashers consume a large area of ​​the kitchen, as they are not available in small sizes, and this problem becomes an obstacle in narrow apartments with a limited kitchen. .

Not suitable for small family

If the family is limited in number, there is a big problem that the dishes should be left for a long time in the Beko dishwasher, as the whole washing machine is full to ensure the quality in the use of water and energy, and if the dishes remain in the dishwasher for a long time, this may cause damage.

Takes a long time

Wash cycles can reach one hundred and eighty minutes, which is too long for the nature of dishwashers that are primarily made to save time.

Sometimes ineffective

Beko dishwashers do not clean some very dirty utensils well, and the user needs to re-wash them on his hands, and they are not effective with pots and refrigerators, and dishes must be rinsed before placing them in the dishwasher, as many competing types have appeared that made it easier for customers not to have to this step.

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high price

Customers of the Beko dishwasher complain about the high price of most versions, but the company considered these prices appropriate due to the durability and quality of the product.

The user manual is not clear

The manual accompanying the product is not clear, and indeed some users have found it difficult to install and use the dishwasher according to the explanatory instructions.

-- How to use Beko dishwashers

After purchasing a Beko dishwasher, the user brings the tools for the washing machine of salt, polishes, and soap in square shape and has a pleasant smell, and follows the instructions of the manual accompanying the washing machine so that he puts these materials in their appropriate places, and makes the utensils in Beko for washing dishes, after removing the pieces and food residues, Then each utensil is installed in its specific location, and care should be taken to make use of each location of the washing machine, and to operate the appropriate washing system, so that the user chooses the program according to the type of dishes and the amount of dirt, and determines the cleaning time.

- Common Beko washing machine problems and how to solve them

The Beko dishwasher is classified among the energy saving products A+, which does not consume excessively electricity, and if the user washes dishes on a daily basis, it is preferable to run the Clean & Shine program; Because it works at a high temperature so that the washing machine cleans the dishes and dries within an hour and a half, and there is another feature to make the largest amount of utensils, but it consumes more electricity and affects the value of the bills. Water and energy are saved if the dishes are few through the half-load system. 


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