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How to buy from the Chinese Taobao website step by step 2022

How can I buy from China Taobao-How do I access Chinese Taobao-Can you buy from Taobao International-How can I buy Taobao in English.

How to buy from the Chinese Taobao website step by step 2022

1-About the Chinese website Taobao

2-How to create an account on the Chinese Taobao website

3-How to add a shipping address in the Chinese Taobao website

4-How to buy from the Chinese Taobao website

5-How to add a payment method on the Chinese Taobao website

6-Shipping costs when buying from the Chinese Taobao website

7-advantages of buying from the Chinese website Taobao

The way to buy from the Chinese Taobao site is relatively difficult, due to the ignorance of most shoppers in the Chinese language, which is a primary language when entering the site, and from this point of view, the reference site offers you a radical solution to this problem, and also ensures the professionalism of customers to shop on the Taobao site by adhering to the steps of this the article.

1 - About the Chinese Taobao website

The Chinese Taobao website is considered one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, outperforming the most famous in the field such as the American Amazon. Taobao offers online selling services for products in all categories, including fashion, electronics, appliances, furniture and baby supplies, and a mobile app for the site is also available for devices such as iPhone, iPad, WinPhone and Android, making the platform available not only in China, but all over the world. 

2 - How to create an account on the Chinese Taobao site

To carry out purchases from the Chinese Taobao website, the customer requires a number of necessary steps, which is to create a real account through the phone number and email attached to the shipping address, and then do the shopping, add the payment method to pay for the purchased products and pay the shipping fees, and an account is created on the Tabao website China by following these steps:

1 - Enter the Chinese Taobao website “from here”.

2 - Translate the website page from Chinese to English in the Google Chrome browser by following these steps:

3 - Open Google Chrome in a new page.

4 - Click on the three dots in the upper left corner.

5 - Go to settings chrome://settings/.

6 - Click on advanced settings.

7 - Press the language.

8 - Activate the option “Show translation of pages written in a different language”.

9 - Refresh the Taobao website page, then the customer will be able to see the translation code.

10 - Click on the option to register for a new account at the top and right of the home page of Taobao, which will open a new page.

11 - Choose the English language in the upper right corner of the new page “From here”.

12 - Enter the customer's mobile phone number and verification code to successfully create a new account.

13 - Agree to the Taobao Agreement, Privacy Policy, Legal Notices, and Customer Service Agreement, and receive emails related to customer membership.

3 - How to add a shipping address in the Chinese Taobao website

It is best in the steps to set the shipping address for the customer to enter his address as the default address on Taobao before logging out of the account, and this is done by following these steps:

- Click on the customer's account number on the main page after creating the account.

- Translate the page using Google Chrome.

- Click on account settings in the account.

- Choose the shipping address from the settings.

- Click on add a new title and a new page will open containing a detailed form.

- Fill out the address form provided by Taobao, which contains two fields: the country and the state.

- Set the customer's address as the default address, so that they don't have to fill out the form again the next time they want to receive purchased goods to the same address.

4 - How to buy from Chinese Taobao

After creating the account and setting the customer's shipping location, he must roam the site, make purchases, confirm the shipping location, and payment methods, and this is done through the following:

- Enter the Chinese Taobao website “from here”.

- Login to the customer's personal account by entering the email address and password.

- Search for items to buy from the Taobao search bar, which includes 3 options:

- Search in English for merchandise, and do not compare its results with search results in the site's native Chinese language.

- Search in Chinese, using Google Translate “from here” and pasting the Chinese term for the item you want to shop into the search bar.

Search using images by pressing the “camera icon” option and uploading the image of the product to be searched through the search bar, as long as the product is available on Taobao, the search results for stores that sell the desired product will appear.

- Determine purchases by the customer and the site provides a service of filtering desires by brand, style, size, country of origin, and more.

-  Evaluate purchases and add them to the shopping cart, and the customer can get more details about the product such as price, delivery location, color options, available sizes, and the number of customers shopping for the same specific product.

- The seller's reputation is seen in the right tab of the product page, and the customer has the opportunity to leave a message in any language.

- Confirmation of the items purchased in the shopping cart by the customer. By clicking on the shopping cart, the customer can delete any unwanted item in the event that a decision is made to undo the purchase of a product.

- Confirm the purchase of products manually one by one by placing a mark next to each product, and pressing the orange “checkbox” option. The prices of goods and products are set in Chinese Yuan (CNY), not included in product shipping costs.

- Click on “Check Out”, and once the order is executed, the customer will have to fill in some shipping details that were mentioned previously in the settings for adding a shipping address, and the customer will choose one of the shipping options of international shipping for his products within a package for products weighing more than 25 kg, or shipping Direct for each product separately for products less than 25 kg.

5 - How to add a payment method on the Chinese Taobao website

After the customer has finished shopping on the Chinese Taobao website and has prepared his shopping cart, he will have to add an electronic payment method in his personal account and this is done by performing the following steps:

- Login to the customer's personal account.

- Click on account settings.

- Set a password for the Alipay account in the event of the first use of the customer to purchase from Taobao. The Alipay account for customers is China's online and mobile payment platform.

- Choose to use the customer's debit/credit card.

- Enter the electronic payment card name and card number.

- Customer can choose to pay via online transfer and 1.5% service fee will be added when using revPAY online transfer.

- Once the payment is completed, the customer will have completed the purchase process, shipping procedures and electronic payment.

6-Shipping costs when buying from the Chinese Taobao website

Standard air freight.            All purchased items are sent to Taobao                                                                                     warehouse in China by individual sellers, then assembled,                                                      repacked and delivered to customer via air freight, freight                                                      charges will be calculated and paid separately after the                                                                 purchases arrive at the warehouse. 

15 CNY for the first 0.5 kg, then 14 CNY for the next 0.5 kg.

Allowed weight: 25 kg.

Standard sea freight            It is the same as air freight, but will be delivered by sea                                                          freight, which will take longer than air freight, and the                                                            freight charges will be calculated and paid separately after                                                         the purchases arrive at the warehouse. 

Varies by size and weight of purchases.

Allowed weight: 500 kg

Direct shipping.                   All items purchased by the customer will be sent to the                                                   Taobao warehouse for registration, and immediately sent                                                          to them as individual packages, the downside of this                                                            payment method is that the customer will have to receive                                                             multiple individual packages of products, which may                                                              cause inconvenience to him if the purchases are from                                                                       Different sellers, and will have to negotiate individually                                                  with individual sellers to arrange shipment, however,the                                                   customer will be able to pay the shipping fee once they                                                                                click checkout. 

14 yuan per 0.5 kg.

Allowed weight <25 kg.

7 - Advantages of buying from Chinese Taobao

The Chinese website Taobao has surpassed the global Amazon website in the United States of America, despite the latter's presence in the American lands with multiple branches. The reason is explained by several points:

- Speed, safety and reliability in registering customer orders, and delivering them to the door of the house, where it takes only 2 to 3 weeks to transport goods and purchases from the main warehouses in China to the door of the customer’s home wherever they are.

- The Chinese site offers the customer’s product tracking service distinct from the rest of the e-commerce sites, and through the “Cross-Border Logistics Management” tab on the Taobao homepage, the customer will track the status of his goods and calculate the total shipping cost and full weight.

- The customer receives an SMS from the delivery company when he intends to deliver his parcel on the same day.


 we have learned about the method of purchasing from the Chinese Taobao website in detail, starting from entering the famous Chinese website to the method of creating an account, then the method of adding the shipping address to the customer, arranging the payment method, and finally defining the shipping costs according to the weight and method, and identifying the advantages of buying from the Chinese Taobao website.


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