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3 reasons for the automatic gearbox failure

 7 Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems 

3 reasons for the automatic gearbox failure
3 reasons for the automatic gearbox failure

 The automatic transmission, or what is known as the transmission or gear, is one of the most important systems in the car; As it controls the movement of the car, and any malfunction in the automatic gearbox can cost more than the engine itself, so it must be maintained and attention to any malfunction that may affect it, and in this article we will review the causes of malfunctions that may occur in the automatic gearbox, and the most important signs that indicate to the presence of these malfunctions.

1. The engine parts are not lubricated or filled with an adequate amount of fuel

Not lubricating the engine parts with the right oil or using poor types of oils can damage the automatic transmission, and not filling the car with enough fuel can damage it as well. Because the engine parts will start to collide with each other and may be damaged, therefore, care must be taken to lubricate the car with the right amount of oil, and of the right quality, and care must be taken to fill it with fuel periodically.

2. The presence of contaminated objects inside the engine parts

The presence of contaminants inside the engine can lead to wear and damage of engine parts, whether these contaminants are caused by the use of poor quality oils, or from any other reasons, and the erosion of parts of the engine leads to damage to the automatic gearbox.

3. Overloading

Excess load in the car leads to damage to the automatic gearbox in a way, so it is necessary to be careful to adhere to the load that the car bears, and the presence of a malfunction caused by the overload can be inferred through the high temperature of the engine parts, or through vibration, so these things must be taken into consideration Take into account, and minimize vehicle load when observing these indicators.

Signs of a malfunction in the automatic gearbox

1. Vibration sensation

The feeling of vibration, movement or slipping when using the automatic gearbox indicates a defect in it, and the problem is that many of us neglect these symptoms, and this exacerbates problems inside the car, so work must be done to fix the causes leading to the failure of the gearbox when this problem is noticed.

2. Inability to control the motor

The presence of difficulty in moving the engine when using the automatic gearbox indicates a problem with the engine or gearbox, and the same thing indicates the lack of response of the engine when moving the gearbox, and in this case the problem must be fixed immediately.

3. Noise, moan or crackling sound

When a moan or crackling sound is heard under the car, this sound indicates that there is a slight problem most of the time, but it may indicate a malfunction in the automatic gearbox, this problem may indicate a lack of movement fluid, or it may be due to other problems, so work must be done. To fix this problem, and present it to a competent person before it escalates and leads to other catastrophic problems.

4. There is a burning smell

The presence of a burning smell in the car indicates a problem, the burning smell may be caused by low transmission fluid due to high temperature, or due to a leak inside the car, and the reason for this may be the use of poor quality transmission fluid, so when Noting the presence of a burning smell of the car, the problem may be in the automatic gearbox, or the parts connected to it, and work must be done to fix it.

5. Sliding motor

This sign is one of the most serious signs resulting from automatic transmission malfunctions, and you should refrain from driving the car until we verify the repair of the automatic transmission, and make sure that the engine has returned to its normal state, and it is worth noting that some modern cars show a signal that there is a problem in the transmission movement, so you should pay attention to this signal, and immediately address the problem.

6. Transmission fluid leaking

Noticing any leakage of transmission fluid in the garage floor of the car indicates that there is a major problem with the gearbox; This is because the transmission fluid, unlike engine oil, does not decrease with speed or distance, so it is necessary to monitor the transmission fluid periodically, and to monitor the leakage resulting from the car, as any decrease in it leads to catastrophic problems that pose a threat to life, and in the event of neglecting the maintenance of the car when the appearance of Those problems, the cost of maintaining them will increase with time; This is due to the many malfunctions that result from negligence.

important information

The transmission or the so-called gearbox contains many sensors that can detect the occurrence of anything unusual in the transmission. When you notice any problem in the gearbox, these sensors send a signal to the computer connected to the car, and the signal indicates the need to check the engine, so you must Pay attention to this reference, but the problem is that this feature is only available in modern cars.


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