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Protecting the house from thefts from the inside and outside

  How do you protect your house from burglars? What is the best theft deterrent for a home? How can I make my home safe from break ins?

Protecting the house from thefts from the inside and outside
Protecting the house from thefts from the inside and outside

Home theft crimes are common during the day, especially during working hours and going to school, and at night as well. Therefore, protecting the home from theft has become an important matter for all individuals, and in this article we will present the means of protecting the home from thieves.

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The outdoor patio is an entrance and a first line of defense against thieves. Here are the most important tips that help an individual protect his home from the outside:

1 - Inspect all parts of the house from the outside, especially windows and doors, and find out their weaknesses that a thief can exploit and enter through, and the police can be used to assess the weaknesses in the house from the outside.

2 - Note the valuables that can be seen from outside the house, and keep them away from the windows so as not to attract thieves to the house.

3 - Pruning ornamental trees around the house to be unsuitable for thieves to hide in, and planting ornamental trees with thorns.

4 - Prune tall branches of large trees that make it easier to climb trees and reach windows, especially in two-story homes.

5 - Building a metal fence and fixing it with cement. It should be noted that the brick fence helps thieves to reach the house; So metal thorns should be placed on top.

6 - Hide outdoor grills and bikes indoors rather than out in the garden.

7 - When the car is parked in the street, it is recommended to lock it and close its windows, put it in a well-lit place, and remove or hide valuable items from it.

8 - place curtains on garage and basement windows to prevent valuable items from being seen in them; This is because it may be an attraction to thieves.

9 - Installing an optical motion sensor around the house, especially at its entrances and in dark places; Because it can alert people to a strange movement before the thief reaches the door.

10 - If there are dark places in the corridors and entrances, it is recommended to install good lighting to be able to see all the movements.

11 - Seeking to create a cohesive social network with neighbours; Thus, individuals can identify strangers who approach their homes.

12 - Bring children's toys, electronics and various tools that are outside the house in the garden and put them inside, because they may indicate the presence of other valuable things in the house and attract thieves to it.

13 - Avoid placing a climbing ladder in the outdoor garden; Because it may help thieves get into the house.

14 - Work to increase the lighting in the neighborhood streets; Because it makes it difficult for thieves to work and makes the neighborhood unattractive for theft.

15 - Arranging awareness lectures about theft in the neighborhood, and seeking help from the local police to find out information about thefts, how to deal with them, how they occur or how to act when they occur.

16 - Keeping the neighborhood clean of dirt and random graffiti; Because clean neighborhoods suggest the solidarity of its members with each other, and therefore this neighborhood is a place that repels thieves.

17 - Locking all the external doors of the iron gates and the doors of the house, taking care to acquire the best quality locks.

18 - Placing clear figures that reflect light at night on the building; In order to facilitate the identification of the address in the event of theft.

Home insurance from inside

The house can be protected against theft by paying attention to the following things inside it:

1 - Keep windows and doors locked at all times, whether its residents are inside or outside, and put appropriate locks for all types of doors and windows and ensure their safety.

2 - Change locks when buying or renting a new home as a precaution.

3 - Place valuables in a lockable safe and secure it to the wall or to the floor.

4 - Avoid putting a sheet of paper showing the function of each key, and avoid hiding spare keys outside the house.

5 - Use opaque adhesive paper for windows to prevent what is inside the house, and it is available in many shapes and decorations.

6 - Installing a security system that includes motion sensors and cameras inside and outside the home, and knowing how they work to distinguish unimportant alarms that indicate thieves.

7 - Installing windows with shatter-resistant glass and installing metal protections.

Home insurance during vacation

Homes are exposed to theft while their residents are on vacation because they seem empty. The following tips can be used to protect the house from theft during vacation:

1 - Check the locks of all doors and windows two or three times before going out, and keep some curtains open to give the illusion of the presence of residents in it.

2 - asking for help from neighbors to receive letters, newspapers, and items; Because its gathering alerts thieves that the houses are empty of its inhabitants, and put a spare key for them to inspect the house, and the help of specialists to cut the lawn and keep it tidy.

3 - Temporary use of lights outside the house, while keeping some rooms lit inside.

4 - Turning off the automatic garage door opener when it is closed.

5 - Lower the bell and turn on the radio to signal to thieves that there are residents in the house.

6 - Avoid telling too many people you want to travel, especially on social media.

Attractive items for thieves

Thieves target certain objects when entering homes to rob them, as follows:

1 - Official papers and documents that contain sensitive information about an individual, such as a passport or bank information.

2 - Beautiful scenery and antiques that a thief can sell.

3 - Paper money and bank cards, it is easy to find them because they are not usually hidden due to their frequent use.

4 - Medicines of all kinds because they are for sale.

5 - Jewelry, so it is recommended to put them in locked cabinets that cannot be carried and transported.

6 - Small and large electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and others.

7 - Weapons of all kinds, they are expensive when sold.

8 - Garage repair tools are great value for money, too.


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