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The most common laptop malfunctions and ways to fix them

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The most common laptop malfunctions and ways to fix them
The most common laptop malfunctions and ways to fix them

The laptop is one of the most important developments in the computer, as it contributed to its spread everywhere, and made it easier to use and move because of its light weight without dispensing with the quality of services provided by the non-laptop computer, but with the passage of time and frequent use, the laptop must become infected Malfunctions in its software and its various parts, which leads to its unresponsiveness and the difficulty of completing various tasks on it, so in this article we will discuss the most common software and hardware malfunctions in laptops and ways to fix them.

Equipment malfunctions and ways to fix them

Laptop parts get different malfunctions, and these malfunctions cause different problems in the laptop, and the following are mentioned for them and their solutions:

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1. The laptop suddenly stopped working and turned off

The cause of this problem is that the laptop overheats, it produces heat continuously, but it has limited ventilation space, and dust collects in the vents over time, which will prevent cold air from reaching the CPU, and thus leads to a shutdown The laptop when it heats up more than what is permissible, and this problem can be solved by following one or all of the following things as needed:

- Wipe the ventilation openings thoroughly from dust with a clean cloth.

- Place a cloth filter under the air intake hole, to prevent dust from reaching the internal parts.

- Updating the basic input and output system (BIOS) responsible for controlling laptop equipment, in order to get rid of overheating.

2. The laptop turns off after a few minutes when it depends on the battery only

This problem appears because the lithium battery in the laptop has expired and is unable to retain power after charging it, so it should be replaced with a new one, and the laptop should not be connected to the power cord when it is fully charged in order to preserve it for as long as possible.

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3. Keyboard buttons detached or loosened

Excessive pressure on the keyboard and the occurrence of liquids on it causes problems in its buttons and reduces its effectiveness, and this problem can be solved by switching the keyboard.

4. Strange color spots appear on the screen

These spots appear in green or red without changing or responding to opening and closing windows of different colors. This problem can be solved by massaging the color spot using a soft cloth in a circular motion, then pressing it for two minutes until it returns to its normal state.

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5. Consumption of valid battery power in a short time

When the battery is new and in good condition, it can operate the computer for approximately 4-5 hours, and its expiration within a short time indicates the presence of software that consumes its energy by a large percentage, and this consumption can be reduced by following the following things:

-- Avoid opening too many programs and Internet windows at the same time.

-- Turn off the bluetooth button when not in use; Because it consumes a lot of energy.

-- Choose the Energy Saving mode, by following the instructions of each operating system (Windows/MAC OS) of the laptop.

Software malfunctions and ways to fix them

There are many software malfunctions that affect the laptop, and each causes a different problem for it, and the following is a mention of them and their solutions:

1. Inability of the laptop to connect to the wireless Internet, or its continuous disconnection

This problem can be solved by doing the following:

-- Make sure that the Airplane mode is not turned on on the laptop, and make sure that the wireless network signal button on the keyboard is turned on.

-- Re-copy the Driver for the Network Adapter by following these steps:

1 - Click on the Computer icon on the desktop using the right mouse button, and select the Manage option.

2 - Choose the Device manager option from the window that appears.

3 - Click on the network card (Network Adapter).

4 - Pressing the right mouse button on the option that controls the wireless network card (Wireless Adapter), and choosing the option (Enable) or (Install).

5 - When the previous process is completed, you should press again on the wireless network card using the right mouse button, and choose the (Scan for Hardware Changes) option, in order to re-copy the drivers, and solve the problem of connecting to the Internet.

2. Slow software response during operation, slow file transfer process

The hard disk causes this problem in the laptop when the data in it becomes randomly arranged with the passage of time and the frequent use of the laptop, which causes difficulty in accessing the data required to run various programs, and this problem can be solved through the process of disk defragment, and follow the following steps To apply:

- Open the Start window, choose the Control Panel, and click on the System and Security option.

- Choose the Defragment your Hard disks option under Administrative Tools.

- Click the Analyze Disk button in the Disk Defragment window and wait for the analysis to finish.

- Press the Defragment Disk button and wait for the process to complete and the hard disk is tidy.

3. The laptop is not working

This problem is caused by a missing system file or a damaged Bad Sector in the hard disk. This problem can be resolved by following these steps:

- Removing the hard drive from the laptop and installing it in a specialized external connection unit for the internal parts of the computer (USB Enclosure).

- Inserting the USB cable into the computer is working properly.

- Perform a hard disk scan (check disk) by pressing the Start button, typing Command Prompt in the search bar and selecting its program.

- When the black screen appears, you must type the name of the hard disk that appeared in the computer, then press the OK button (Enter) on the keyboard.

- Typing the “chkdsk /f” command to have the computer check the hard disk, report its malfunctions and fix them.

- Re-install the hard drive in the laptop after completing the previous process to start working.

4. The presence of viruses

Viruses cause annoying windows to appear, slow downloads from the Internet, and other problems that may threaten the security of the user, so anti-virus programs should be used and updated periodically and a scan should be used from time to time to ensure that the laptop is free of malicious software.

5. Videos and images appear distorted

Some videos and games that need the latest version of the video card appear distorted, because the video, network, and audio drivers are not updated, so they should be updated regularly and make sure they are the latest versions to solve this problem.


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