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Household water filters..their benefits and harms..Know them immediately

Are water filters harmful? What are the benefits of water filter? Is the water obtained from a household filter safe? What are some problems with water filters?

Household water filters..their benefits and harms..Know them immediately
Household water filters..their benefits and harms..Know them immediately

Most of the damages associated with the home water filtration process can be avoided if you take a few things into consideration.

Home water filters that work with RO technology are one of the most important ways to treat hard water, as these filters get rid of harmful substances dissolved in them (except for microbes and bacteria). Water filters use a group of semi-permeable membranes (filters) that allow the passage of pure water, after getting rid of impurities and minerals in the water. For this reason, some consider it harmful because it gets rid of useful minerals for the human body. In this article, the most prominent benefits and harms associated with water purification at home are mentioned.

Household water filters.. benefits and harms

Benefits of home water filters

1 - Home water filters using RO technology are the perfect solution for treating hard water.

2 - Household water filters also remove toxins such as lead, mercury, fluoride, arsenic and chlorine that cause diseases to the human body. Lead can cause brain damage and anemia.

3 - Household filters get rid of Cryptosporidium, a genus of primary organisms that cause a range of digestive and respiratory diseases that are commonly found in the waters of lakes and rivers.

Disadvantages of home water filters

Most of these damages mentioned here can be avoided by using a home water filter 6 stages or 7 stages, and by changing the filters periodically

Despite the benefits of multiple household water filters, they suffer from some damages and drawbacks, some of which can be avoided by doing some necessary things. The following are the most prominent of those harms, and ways to avoid them (for some of them only):

1 - Removes essential minerals from water. While a water filter (RO) purifies water by removing dissolved impurities, it removes natural minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and sodium that are essential to the human body. The solution can be by adding a fifth and sixth stage to the filter to add minerals.

2 - It does not kill all bacteria and viruses, as water filters cannot kill pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, as filter membranes cannot block them from the water. The solution to this lies in water filtration through ultraviolet purification of water to treat microorganisms.

3 - The taste of the water changes, due to the removal of essential minerals from the water, to become tasteless. The solution can be added a fifth stage to improve the taste.

4 - Water wastage, as the water rejected through the home water filter is much more than the water that has been filtered! The rejected water is disposed of through sewage pipes.

5 - Its high cost, compared to water purifiers using ultraviolet rays, as it consumes a lot of electricity, in addition to the cost of frequent filter replacement.

6 - The possibility of damage to the filters without prior knowledge of this, as the chlorine in the water can damage the membranes of the filters, which leads to a sharp decrease in the performance of the filters. Unfortunately, we cannot know the extent of damage to the filters. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace the filters within their specified times.


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