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Growing cherry tomatoes at home step by step from seeds

 Tomatoes/ How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes at Home From seeds 

How do you grow cherry tomatoes at home - How long do cherry tomatoes take to grow - How a tomato grows step by step - How grow tomatoes at home for beginners.

The method of growing tomatoes at home is one of the easiest and- - most beautiful vegetable plants that can be grown in the simplest ways.

1- How to grow tomatoes at home

2 - 5 reasons that help in the success of growing tomatoes at home and producing a large number of fruits

      2.1 Appropriate pot size

      2.2 Fertile, well-drained soil

      2.3 Good seedlings

      2.4 Tomato plant support

      2.5 Pruning a tomato plant

3 - Growing cherry tomatoes at home

      3.1 Basic steps for growing cherry tomatoes

4 - Using the trellis method in the cultivation of cherry tomatoes

5 - When to harvest cherry tomatoes

6 - Requirements That Cherry Tomatoes Need

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Tomato is one of the most loved and used fruits all over the world, it is indispensable and having high quality tomato fruits is a good thing, especially if it is from our hands.

Tomato cultivation is suitable almost throughout the year, except for the very hot or cold months, and in the conditions of protected cultivations, it can be grown throughout the year.

1- How to grow tomatoes at home

- Obtaining tomato seeds, and a good type of agricultural supplies can be purchased from places that sell agricultural supplies. It is also possible to pick a good quality tomato from what is available at home or the market and extract the seeds from it.

- Tomato seeds are extracted by emptying the contents of the fruit from the heart and washing it well with water to get rid of the remnants of the fruit around the seeds, then spreading it on a paper tissue to dry, and then it can be planted directly.

- After drying the seeds, we plant a number of them in a container of suitable size for the growth of seedlings, we irrigate the soil until it is saturated with water, then we spread the seeds on the surface of the soil and then cover it with a light layer of soil.

- Maintain moisture around the seeds by placing the seed pot inside a transparent plastic bag and closing it to maintain moisture.

- Another way to germinate seeds in seedling trays or very small containers, we put two seeds in each container, and in case the two seeds grow, we keep the strongest and cut the weak seedlings.

- Within a week, we will notice that the seeds begin to grow, one after the other.

- We continue to maintain moisture by spraying with water whenever the surface of the soil dries.

- After the seedlings reach 15 cm in length, it is time to separate the seedlings into larger pots.

- During the growth period of the seedlings, we prepare larger pots to separate the seedlings, as well as the soil mixture in which we will plant the seedlings.

- One tomato seedling needs a 30 cm deep pot and about the same diameter to grow well, and the larger the available, the better.

- The soil mix that we recommend for home cultivation free from field soil problems, is a mixture of equal sizes of peat moss, perlite, sand and organic compost or any fully fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer.

- We fill the soil mixture in the bowls, irrigate it with water to the point of saturation, bring one of the seedlings, plant it in the middle of the bowl, and place the soil around it, then irrigate it again to saturate the roots with water.

- Tomato is a sun-loving and light-loving plant, so after planting we take it out to the sun gradually.

- Keep the seedlings moist by spraying daily, but do not water before the surface of the soil dries out.

- As the seedling continues to grow and grow, we increase the amount of water allocated for irrigation.

- Note that curling or drooping tomato leaves are an indication of thirst.

- Within a month, the plant will grow and begin to branch and flowers will begin to appear, which will become fruits after pollination by the wind or by bees and various insects.

- As the plant grows, we will need to tie it with a rope or insert a stick in the planting pot to be a support for it.

- We will continue to pay attention to irrigation, especially in the hot summer months, and add balanced fertilizers in the event that organic fertilizers are not available from the beginning.

- Fruits start growing small and increase in size with time, care and attention.

- The sign of tomato ripeness is when the whole fruit has turned red, then you can pick it.

- In the case of starting planting in the autumn season, we are keen to provide protection for plants in the event of low temperatures and the best solution is to cover them with a transparent plastic cover to avoid cold air currents.

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- Tomato cultivation is one of the easiest cultivations, especially for beginners, and with time, experience will increase and your production will improve better and better, and you may stop buying tomatoes from the market forever, and be satisfied with your natural crop.

5 reasons that help in the success of growing tomatoes at home and producing a large number of fruits

- Appropriate bowl size

- Most of us, at the beginning of planting tomatoes, plant seedlings in a container that is suitable for the size of the seedling, but in the future it will not be suitable for the size of the large plant. As a result of the narrowness and small size of the pot and its inability to keep pace with the growth of the root system of the plant.

- Therefore, when preparing for seedling tomatoes, care must be taken to provide a container in which the soil depth is not less than 30 centimeters and the diameter of the container is not less than 25 centimeters. This is the minimum size of a container that can contain a tomato plant without suffocating its roots.

- As usual, we must make sure that there are holes to drain excess water at the bottom of the pot or pot, and before adding soil, we put a thin layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot.


Fertile, well-drained soil

- Tomato is a plant that needs well-drained, fertile soil full of nutrients necessary for growth and abundant fruit production. Some experiments showed that adding decomposed organic fertilizer to the soil and mixing it together well and repeatedly with water hydration for a month before planting gives excellent results.

- This method obviates the attempts of fertilization throughout the life cycle of the plant, and the addition of organic waste before planting works on the interaction and decomposition of all components of the soil to the fullest extent, allowing the plant to absorb the necessary nutrients needed for it.

- A good soil mixture is a mixture of sand, peat moss, compost and a little perlite in order to provide good ventilation inside the soil, provided that these components are mixed well before planting a sufficient period of time and the addition of compost will then make you need to fertilize throughout the growing season.


good seedlings

- As long as the goal is to grow a tomato plant to get the largest number of fruits, you must strive from the beginning to get seedlings of excellent quality, because planting from the seeds of the fruits found at home may not give you the same result.

- The best thing is to look for reliable sources to buy seedlings from, or buy them from the outlets of the Ministry of Agriculture, as is the case in Egypt.

- We do not say that there is any defect in growing seedlings from seeds, but to save time, it is better to start planting with good quality seedlings from a trusted source, or if you have seeds that you trust in their quality, you can start planting them.

tomato plant support

- Tomatoes are basically a sprawling plant. After a short period of planting the seedlings, you will find that the plant needs support for the main stem so that it does not tilt and break. There is more than one way to provide support for tomatoes, such as extending ropes to climb on it or planting a wooden stick in the pot and tying the stem on it.

- Choose any method that suits you. The important thing is to provide the tomato stem with a strong support to support it throughout the growing season, especially as its weight increases with the start of fruit production.

tomato plant pruning

- Pruning is a very important factor for growing tomatoes, especially when they are planted in pots, as the pot in the end is limited and not like agricultural land. Here, the main plant stem must be trimmed at a height not exceeding 50 centimeters in order to reduce the plant and focus the entire food on the vegetative system and production of fruits.

- Also, removing the side branches that are known as crabs is important for not consuming food from the plant and consuming it in the production of leaves instead of fruits.

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Growing cherry tomatoes at home

Basic steps for growing cherry tomatoes

- You should clean the soil in which you will grow tomatoes, if you are going to grow tomatoes in your yard, you should clean it from garbage, as if you will grow them through household surfaces or through clay pots that are used in cultivation, it should also be clean It does not have any garbage.

- After preparing the agricultural soil that you use to grow cherry tomatoes, put compost in it, stir it well, and make sure the soil is completely dry.

- And then put the seedlings of cherry tomatoes in the soil, you only have to dig a distance of up to ten inches.

- You have to take into account that the pot in which you will grow or the land in which you will grow cherry tomatoes is deep so that there is a distance between the end of the soil and the roots of the tomatoes or seedlings.

- It is necessary to plant seedlings in the evening and take care that the leaves are close to the ground.

Using the trellis method in the cultivation of cherry tomatoes

- The trellis method is very important if you are planting cherry tomatoes in a very hot season or in a very hot environment, as the tomatoes will grow more quickly.

- Therefore, the trellis method is used, and it is by using a stick, so you tie the branches through that stick and support them, so that the cherry tomatoes are not exposed to rotting from the ground.

When are cherry tomatoes harvested?

- You should harvest cherry tomatoes before they become soft so that they are easy to move from one place to another or use. When cherry tomatoes turn pink in this case, they are picked, and then pruned again after you harvest.

- It is worth noting that tomatoes are types of plants that need a warm temperature and should be kept away from intense sunlight.

Requirements for cherry tomatoes

- You should plant cherry tomatoes at a time when the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and in return it should not be less than ten degrees Celsius.

- You should take care of fertilizing the soil before you plant cherry tomatoes, and animal manure should be taken care of, which increases the soil hardness and strength in retaining water.

- Choose good types of seedlings to suit the environment in which you will grow tomatoes, in addition to that, you should choose good seedlings so that you can get good fruits.

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