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Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

How does online ordering work at Burger King? How do you order on the Burger King app? How does mobile Order work at Burger King? 

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

Burger King now accepts online orders for delivery or pickup. In addition, you can order your favourite Burger King menu items on the Burger King website or app.

With a $5 minimum purchase, Burger King delivery can be ordered online through the Burger King website or app. The delivery price for Burger King is $1, but there is a 10% service fee, a $2.50 small cart tax, and a $2 geographical fee in California. BK delivery is also available through GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates.

Continue reading to learn how to order Burger King online and "have it your way" for delivery or pick-up.

Click below to order food from GrubHub or DoorDash and have it delivered to your door!

How to Place an Online Burger King Order

Burger King orders can be placed via the Burger King app or website. For a modest delivery cost, Burger King will deliver your order. You can quickly sign up with your email address online or through the BK app. Royal Perks and unique incentives and promotions are available with every Burger King online order.

- To place an online order with Burger King, go to their website or download the Burger King app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

- To place a food order, you must first create an account. Signing up for a Burger King account is completely free, and all you need is an email address.

- Before you place your order, you will be asked if you want your food picked up or delivered.

- After you've decided on an order type, you'll need to enter your address so Burger King can find the closest participating restaurant.

Follow these steps to order delivery using the Burger King app:

1. Go to your phone's app store and download the BK app.

2. You will be prompted to register using your name and email address.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

3. After you've created an account, you'll be taken to the home page, where you'll find all of the current offers and deals on BK delivery and menu items.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

4. Select Choose a Location for Availability at the bottom of the screen. Free shipping is currently available. After you've selected your location, you'll be able to add menu items to your cart and place your order.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

5. Select Continue to provide your payment information once your order is complete.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

6. Enter a valid credit card or a BK Crown Card, which is Burger King's brand name for gift cards. You'll also get to choose your tip. To finish your online Burger King order, select Place Secure Order.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

7. You'll be transported to a confirmation page with a delivery estimate and the opportunity to track your item.

- The interfaces on the Burger King website for online ordering are identical to those on the Burger King app. While placing your order on their website, you will be asked to download the BK app.

What Does the Burger King Delivery Menu Include?

Burger King delivers their whole menu, including breakfast. There are even certain exclusive things accessible just through BK delivery. Enter your location on the website or the Burger King app to see the available menu in your area and check the availability of items for your Burger King delivery menu.

- Burger King's delivery menu includes everything that can be ordered at their restaurants. Delivery is offered for all Burger King menu items, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

- You'll see the menu items that are available for delivery in your area once you enter your location. This includes special menu items accessible only through the BK app for delivery.

- There are various ways to order Burger King for delivery. You may access multiple deals for free menu items and discounted products to add to your delivery order if you order directly through the Burger King app.

- If you order Burger King delivery through GrubHub, DoorDash, or UberEats, you might notice that menu availability varies.

- Furthermore, you will not be able to access or use any of Burger King's promos if you use a third-party delivery service.

What Is the Process of Burger King Delivery?

Burger King uses a third-party delivery service for delivery, which may be purchased directly from the Burger King website or app. You need not require a separate account with another third-party delivery service like UberEats or GrubHub, unlike other fast-food delivery services.

- Burger King will charge your account directly when you place an online order for delivery using the Burger King app or website.

- This distinguishes BK delivery from other fast food delivery services that rely on third-party delivery apps for their success.

- Every purchase you make using the Burger King app earns you Royal Reward points and gets you access to exclusive specials and discounted menu items.

- Burger King delivery costs are comparable and, in most situations, less expensive than using a third-party delivery service.

- Of course, UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Postmates are still available for Burger King delivery. However, each of these services requires registration and varies in terms of delivery rates.

- When ordering Burger King through these third-party applications, there are also fewer menu options available.

- On the Burger King app, for example, they have Ghost Pepper Nuggets available for delivery.

On UberEats, DoorDash, or GrubHub, that item is not available on the Burger King menu. The Burger King app is the only way to get these unique menu items.

What Are the Costs of Burger King Delivery?

- For purchases exceeding $5, there is a $1 delivery fee when ordering Burger King delivery. In California, there is also a 10% service cost, a $2.50 small cart fee, and a $2 geographical fee. There is no small cart cost for orders above $10, but there is a 10% service fee. Before making your order, you will be informed of all charges.

- On mobile delivery orders of $5 or more, Burger King charges a $1 delivery fee. Before taxes are charged, your order must total $5.

- A modest cart fee will be levied to any mobile orders between $5 and $9.99. This cost begins at $2.50 and decreases when your order approaches $9.99.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

The entire $2.50 small cart fee is charged here. Burger King is now having a limited-time free delivery promotion from Thursday through Sunday.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

- Because the subtotal is closer to $9.99, the small cart fee is only $0.67 for this item.

- There is no small cart fee applied to Burger King delivery orders of $10 or more. All delivery orders, however, are subject to a service fee.

- The service cost is 10% of your order total before taxes. This extra fee should be considered when calculating the delivery cost for your Burger King purchase.

- If you live in California, you will be charged an extra $2 geographical fee on all BK delivery orders.

How to Get Free Delivery from Burger King

Except in California, Burger King offers free delivery on orders of $5 or more on Thursdays through Sundays. You can check the availability of this digital promotion by ordering through the Burger King app or website. On all online or mobile orders over $5, Burger King provides delivery for $1.

Visit Burger King's website to see all of their delivery fees and promotions.

You'll also have access to many digital specials and coupons, including free delivery promotions, when you sign up for the Burger King website or app.

These unique deals and free Burger King delivery coupons can only be found on the Burger King app or website.

Other ways to acquire free Burger King delivery are available as well. If you have a GrubHub Plus, DashPass, or UberEats Pass subscription, your Burger King order may be eligible for free delivery if you fulfil the minimum order requirements.

For a monthly membership fee, each delivery service, including Burger King, gives free delivery on food orders.

What Is Burger King's (Royal Perks) Rewards Program?

Burger King's rewards programme is known as Royal Perks. When you sign up for Royal Perks, you'll get Crowns for every purchase you make at a Burger King restaurant or through the Burger King website or app. Crowns can be redeemed online or in person for qualified menu items at six different redemption levels.

There are numerous advantages to joining Burger King's Royal Perks programme. For starters, every $1 spend on Burger King menu items will earn you 10 Crowns.

In addition to earning Crowns in this manner, the Burger King app offers unique promotions and challenges that allow you to earn additional Crowns on purchases.

For the whole month of your birthday, you will receive 20 Crowns for every $1 purchased at Burger King!

You can get one free upsize of fries, a drink, hash browns, or coffee every day if you're a member of the Royal Perks programme.

On six separate redemption levels, you can use your Crowns to get free menu items. For 250 Crowns, 400 Crowns, 550 Crowns, 750 Crowns, and 1000 Crowns, there are free things available.

Crowns points are valid for six months after purchase and can be used on online and delivery orders as well as in Burger King restaurants.

Do You Leave a Tip for Burger King Deliveries?

Always give your Burger King delivery driver a tip. Automatic tip recommendations of 15%, 20%, and 25% are provided by Burger King. You can also change the amount of your tip. The majority of a BK delivery driver's earnings come from tips, which are supplemented by Burger King or a third-party delivery service.

These tips are determined based on the total cost of your order and will appear as a dollar amount. The tips are calculated at 15, 20, and 25%, with the opportunity to modify your tip amount using the "Other" option.

These tips are determined based on the total cost of your order and will appear as a dollar amount. The tips are calculated at 15, 20, and 25%, with the opportunity to modify your tip amount using the "Other" option.

It's always a good idea to tip your BK delivery driver between 15% and 20% of the total amount of your order.

Despite the fact that Burger King markets their delivery as their own, they still use third-party delivery services.

As a result, you should tip your BK delivery driver the same way you would tip a GrubHub, UberEats, or DoorDash driver.

How to Cancel a Burger King Order on the App

On the Burger King app or website, you cannot cancel an order once it has been placed for pickup or delivery. You will be shown Burger King's cancellation policy before making your order to ensure that you wish to proceed. Once your order has been confirmed, no revisions, adjustments, or cancellations will be accepted.

Burger King Online Ordering: How to Place a Burger King Order

There is no way to change or cancel your Burger King order once you have completed the checkout process on the app.

- Your order through the Burger King app is final, unlike UberEats, GrubHub, or DoorDash, which all have limited time frames for cancellations.

- For delivery orders with missing or inaccurate items, as well as those that never arrived, Burger King gives half or full refunds.

- By filling out the form on their customer service page, you can seek a refund.

- You can also contact Burger King customer support to report damaged items, bad food quality, and late deliveries.

- For these types of feedback submissions, however, no refunds are guaranteed.


Burger King's delivery service is quick, simple, and cost-effective. Burger King's online ordering has never been better, thanks to the Royal Perks programme and special digital coupons and promotional deals. To find out what's available in your neighbourhood, download the Burger King app today!


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