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Audi car air conditioner failed; Causes and signs

What causes AC in car to stop working

Audi car air conditioner failed; Causes and signs

Why is My Audi AC not working What are the common causes of air conditioner failure - What are the symptoms of bad AC compressor?

Audi cars are a type of German cars manufactured by the Volkswagen company, and are characterized by their modern designs, and the provision of excellent seats that provide comfort when sitting on them for long periods, in addition to the presence of sports versions of them, and others that save fuel, and each of them contains characteristics and technological tools that facilitate the use of parts Entertainment and safety, but like other vehicles, it may suffer many breakdowns with frequent use, so in this article we will discuss the signs of problems with Audi air conditioners in particular, their causes, and tips for dealing with them.

Audi car air conditioning failure signs

The following occurrences in the car indicate a problem with its cooling system, which means that it needs to be fixed:

1 - Leaked fluids collect under the car, and they may be due to the leakage of coolant fluids that turn into a color- and odor-free gas, so it is recommended to show the vehicle to specialists to distinguish the type of leaking fluid.

2 - The temperature of the air coming out of the air conditioner vents gradually increases when it is turned on.

3 - The amount of air coming from the air conditioner is low, and it does not flow in the usual amount.

4 - Frequent exposure of the electric valve of the air conditioning system to combustion and damage, and this may be due to problems in the air conditioning compressor (compressor), and it is advised to avoid operating the air conditioning system in the car until the problem is fixed to protect the vehicle from the risk of burning.

5 - Unfamiliar sounds from the air conditioner when it is turned on.

6 - Musty smells emanating from the air conditioner vents, or burning smells of metal parts and wires.

7 - Condensate from the cooling process remains inside the vehicle, rather than draining through the drain hose.

8 - The car constantly vibrates when the air conditioner is running, which indicates a failure of the condenser.

9 - The air conditioner does not work when pressing the buttons to turn it on.

Reasons for an audi air conditioner failure

The reason for the breakdown of the Audi air conditioner is due to problems in the various parts of the cooling system, which will negatively affect the quality and quality of the cooling. The following is a mention of these malfunctions:

1. Coolant leak

The amount of Freon liquid responsible for cooling the air is essential to obtain the desired cool air, so its leakage leads to a high temperature of the air from the air conditioner, and the coolant can leak from one of the parts it passes through, such as the evaporator, or from the condenser. , or from one of the cooling system hoses.

2. A/C compressor failure

Compressor failure leads to the inability to compress and pump the coolant into the cooling system, thus affecting the coldness of the air. Strange sounds when the air conditioner is running usually indicates a compressor failure.

3. Orifice tube blockage

This tube connects between the condenser, the evaporator, and the radiator, so its blockage causes the coolant to stop flowing towards the evaporator, and thus the inability to cool the air, and hot air is emitted from the air conditioning vents. It is recommended to seek the help of specialists to remove the dirt that clogs the tube.

4. The need to recharge the coolant

The coolant loses its ability to lower the air temperature due to the need to recharge it and its ability to absorb heat, and this process can be applied through the use of special tools for this process or the assistance of specialists.

5. Fan damage

The failure of the fan causes no cold air to flow from the vents, and the cause of the failure is due to burning wires inside, and the entire fan unit must be replaced to fix this problem.

6. Malfunction of the internal ventilation gate (Blend Air Door)

Closing this hatch leads to the vehicle’s inability to activate the ventilation system properly to draw cold air from the car when it is desired to warm the car instead of cooling it, and the causes of its failure are due to many interlocking issues, so it is recommended to seek the help of specialists to fix this problem.

7. Dirt collects in the cooling system

Dirt enters the cooling system with frequent use, and its entry leads to valve failure, coolant decomposition and damage, failure of mechanical parts in the compressor and other parts, and exposing them to rust.

8. Fluid and moisture accumulate inside the system

Moisture disrupts the parts of the air conditioning system by causing freezing around the valves, in addition to providing a suitable environment for the formation of mold, oxidation of parts and the formation of harmful acids on the cooling system.

9. Loose tubes and damaged rubber stoppers

The rubber seals in the air ducts are responsible for preventing air from leaking and flowing more efficiently into the cooling system, so loose hoses and tubes or worn rubber seals can lead to a problem with airflow from the air conditioning vents.

Tips for dealing with Audi air conditioning problems

Audi vehicle air conditioning problems, such as warm air flow caused by various parts failures, or a decrease in the amount of air flowing, can be dealt with by following the following tips:

1- Adding an additional amount of Freon fluid to the cooling system as a solution to minor problems; Because a decrease in its quantity reduces the effectiveness of air cooling, and monitoring its level during the period after adding it to ensure that there is no leakage in the cooling system.

2 - Seeking the help of specialists when there are any of the previous signs that indicate different problems, due to the difficulty of non-specialists discovering the source of the problem, in addition to the fact that car repair shops contain special tools that can repair air conditioning system malfunctions, while making sure that the coolant flows in an appropriate manner and at the pressure required for each different version. of Audi vehicles.


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