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Steps to making a bee house

 How do you make a bee house? 

Steps to making a bee house
Steps to making a bee house

What materials do you need to make a bee house? How do you make a bee hotel step by step? When should you put up a bee house?

There are more than 220 wild species of bees, and many people prefer to build bee houses at home, in order to obtain honey, which is very useful for treating many diseases, but there are a set of conditions that must be taken into account when building bee houses; There are special specifications for this type of house, otherwise the bees will not be able to live in them, as the bees live inside tubes or holes in which they store pollen and nectar, which is food for the larvae, and the bees lay their eggs inside these holes. be in a sunny area; This is in order to get as much sunlight as possible, and receive warmth, especially in the winter, while in the spring, mature bees come out of the tubes, and in this article we will review the steps for building homes for bees, taking into account these specifications.

Make a bee house

Materials needed

To build a bee house we need:

- Wooden box, or empty plastic bottle.

- A set of bamboo sticks.

- drill bit;

- A set of scissors, saws, and nails.

Action Steps

To build a bee house, you must follow these steps:

1 - Bring a wooden box the size of the house to be built for the bees, and you must make sure that this box is square or rectangular in shape, in order to be able to put bamboo sticks inside, or you can bring a plastic box if a wooden box is not available, but the wooden box is more durable, and more suitable for placing sticks bamboo inside it.

2 - Remove the top of this box to be closed on three sides, and open on one side.

3 - Cut the bamboo sticks into pieces of equal length; This is in proportion to the depth of the box in which the timber is to be placed. The sticks can be chosen to be different in width, but care must be taken that their length is proportional to the length of the box.

4 - Make holes inside the bamboo sticks using a drill, with a width ranging from 2 to 10 mm, to allow bees to enter these holes, but care must be taken to ensure that these holes are free of wood fragments; Because bees will not enter it if it is full of wood shards, so be sure to puncture it well and regularly; As the bees will not enter into these holes if they are irregular.

5 - Put the sticks in an orderly manner inside the box, so that the perforated part from the top is from the open part of the box, and it is necessary to pay attention to placing them in an orderly manner inside the box to be compact and orderly, and the box must be filled with sticks completely; This is because the bees will not enter the box if the sticks are not arranged inside it as if it were a normal beehive.

6 - Bring a hook, which is a curved piece of iron, and it can be obtained from stores that sell fishing tools, and then this hook must be fixed to the box using a nail, and care must be taken to install it well, and then this box must be hung in any high place in the house, and attention should be paid To be within one meter of the ground, and to be in a place free of surrounding foliage, and to be facing the sun, and in the southern or southeast part, after which one can observe the bees congregating inside the box.

Bamboo sticks can be purchased at plant stores; Bamboo sticks are best suited for building bee houses; This is due to its durability and the quality of its wood.

Specifications to consider when building bee houses

There are a number of things that must be taken into account when building homes for bees, as follows:

- The bee house must contain at least 10 to 20 tubes (perforated bamboo sticks), each tube with a hole diameter of 2 to 10 mm, and the length of the tubes must be 13 to 15 cm.

- The tubes must be open on one side only, and the other end must be closed, and the tubes cannot be used if they are open on both sides.

- The pipes must be well secured inside the box, so that they do not fall when exposed to wind or rain.

- The box for the bee house must be weatherproof and made of durable materials, otherwise it will crack when exposed to different weather conditions.

- Care must be taken to install the bee house well, for example, it can be installed in a tree, or any other high place, so that it does not fall when exposed to any weather conditions.

- Care must be taken to periodically check the bee house to ensure its durability, and that it is suitable for bees to lay their eggs inside.

- Care must be taken when building bee houses; This is to protect against bee stings, which may be harmful at times.


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