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How to clean the car headlights from the inside by yourself in the easiest way

How do you clean the inside of your headlights without removing them? 

How to clean the car headlights from the inside by yourself in the easiest way
How to clean the car headlights from the inside by yourself in the easiest way


An easy way to clean the car headlights from the inside

How do I clean the inside of my headlights? Does toothpaste really clean headlights? How do you restore foggy headlights yourself?

The process of cleaning the headlights and headlights from the inside of the car is not an easy process, because the headlights must be completely removed from their place, and then clean what is inside after removing the wired lights from inside, and then pouring a substance in them and waiting for it to dry. However, there is an easy way that you can clean it without having to completely disassemble the lights. This is what we will explain in this article.

If you want to know how to clean and polish your car's headlights from the outside due to fog or dust, see the article “How to clean car headlights” for more details.

Necessary tools and materials

Two-piece strong magnet.

1 - Two-piece strong magnet.

2 - Flexible stick with adjustable direction, or long plastic tweezers can be used.

3 - Needle and thread.

4 - Hot silicone gun.

5 - A piece of dry cloth.

6 - scalpel or scissors

How to clean the headlights of the car from the inside

1- Prepare the cleaning tool

The most important element is the use of two pieces of strong magnets so that one of the pieces can be inside the flashlights and the second outside, and they have the ability to attract.

Now you will prepare the cleaning tool, which is a flexible stick with a piece of cloth on one end and a magnet in it, and the way to make it is as follows:

1 - First, cut a square piece of cloth, so that it is the right size, and small. Dimensions 10 * 10 cm may be appropriate.

2 - Place one of the two magnets inside the cloth, so that the cloth is completely surrounded by the magnet.

3 - Use hot silicone by attaching a magnet to one end of the stick.

4 - Sew the piece of fabric in such a way that it surrounds the magnet on one end of the stick. Several layers of fabric can be applied to form a layer that protects the lights from being scratched by the magnets.

5 - The end result is a flexible stick with a piece of cloth attached to it with a magnet on one end.

2- Clean the headlights of the car

Now, the process of cleaning the lights and headlights begins, so do the following:

1 - Open the front hood, you will find the button to open the hood is located at the driver's seat.

2 - You need to unscrew the headlight bulb that is in the headlights of the car, turn the bulb counterclockwise and then pull it out.

3 - Next, insert the wand with the end of the cloth on it into the hole of the bulb that was removed. Keep inserting the stick until its tip touches the outer plastic cap.

4 - From the outside, put the second magnet in the place where the cloth is, the force of attraction between them will stick them.

5 - Move the magnet on the cover, in different directions, the wand will move from the inside automatically, so the cloth piece will clean any dirt or steam stuck inside.

6 - Keep stirring, until you have finished cleaning the entire plastic cover of the lights and headlights.

7  - When finished, reinstall the car headlight bulb by turning it clockwise.


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