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Causes of electric mixer malfunctions and ways to fix them

How to Repair a Food Mixer - 4 Of The Most Common KitchenAid Mixer Malfunctions - and How To Fix Them

Causes of electric mixer malfunctions and ways to fix them
Causes of electric mixer malfunctions and ways to fix them

The vertical electric mixer suffers from multiple malfunctions, and it may be caused by burning wires, a problem with its buttons, fluid leakage from the blender jug, a problem with the motor, grinding blade, stirring brushes, rubber seal and other problems, and in this article we will present Methods for repairing various malfunctions of the electric mixer.

Electric mixer malfunctions and ways to fix them

Solutions to mixer problems can be divided according to the damaged part of it, and the following is a mention of these problems and the parts responsible for the malfunction and the way to repair and replace them:

1. The light of the blender is off and the blender cannot be turned on

This issue can be addressed by trying one of the following solutions:

- If the light on the blender plugged into the electrical socket goes out, it means that there is no electrical current to the mixer, so you should try connecting it to a different socket in the kitchen.

- If the electric current does not reach the mixer after trying all the sockets, this means that there is a burnt wire due to an excessive load on the mixer, so it should be replaced by following these steps:

       1 - Remove the base of the blender and open it from the bottom to access the cord, which is connected between the motor and the gearshift panel.

        2 - Use a digital multimeter or continuity tester to check the wire. If the readings indicate an open circuit, this confirms that the wire is damaged.

         3 - Remove the old wire and connect the new wire in the same place, paying attention to choosing a new wire with the same electrical capacity.

2. The light of the mixer is on and indicates that the electricity is coming to the mixer, but the mixer is not working

This problem indicates a malfunction in one of the following parts:

- The presence of objects stuck inside the internal mixer part, which prevents electricity from reaching the engine and the parts responsible for operation, and they can be removed by turning off the mixer and opening the bottom part to make sure that these parts are present and remove them if they are noticed.

- There is a problem with the playback buttons that prevents the activation of other internal parts, and this problem appears on the buttons with the inability to press them well as usual, and this problem can be fixed by following the following things:

      1 - Remove and open the base of the mixer to access the button board, which is attached to the base with some screws.

      2 - Ensure that all ends of the electrical circuit of the buttons are connected to the wires designated for them well, firmly and without slack.

       3 - Use a spray dryer for moisture on electrical or similar parts; Because the problem may have occurred due to fluid leakage into the internal parts of the buttons.

        4 - Switch the button board when none of the previous solutions worked.

3. The mixer stopped working suddenly while it was running

This problem is caused by the engine overheating; The mixer contains a heat-sensitive wire that turns the motor off when it reaches a certain temperature to protect it from permanent damage. This problem can be solved by following one of the following solutions:

- Unplug the blender and wait 15 minutes for the motor to cool down, and the heat-sensitive wire returns to standby mode.

- Avoid placing large quantities of food, or placing hard foods in a large size; Because it may cause the engine to exert more effort and overheat too much.

 - If the engine does not respond to the previous solutions, it can be confirmed that the engine is damaged through the following steps:

          1 - Connect the terminals of the digital multimeter to the terminals of the electric motor, using the ohm part.

           2 - Run the velocity button at a slow speed and take the electrical resistance reading from the scale.

            3 - Rotate the drive stud control screw clockwise for one time, and if the resistance reading changes, this means that the motor has been damaged.

4. Liquid leakage from the mixer

Fluid leakage is due to several reasons, which are as follows:

- - The screws that secure the base of the grinding blade to the blender jug ​​are loose, and this problem can be solved by tightening the screws from the bottom of the blender jug.

- - The presence of a hole in the jug of the blender, and this can be known when filling the jug with water away from its lower part and noticing the places of leakage, and it is recommended to replace it if there is a hole in it.

- - The rubber gasket (sealant) is worn out and needs to be replaced.

- - Damage to the parts surrounding the drive stud control screw and the need to replace it.

5. The smell of electric burning is emitted from the mixer

This smell is an indicator of several different problems with the parts of the mixer, and the reason for its appearance is due to one of these conditions:

- Damage to the engine due to worn out seals and fluid access to it, or grinding hard foods in large quantities such as ice cubes, which increases the load on it more than its capacity.

- Damage and warping of the rotating blade due to fluid leakage into the bearing part that allows the movement of the blade, which leads to increased load on the engine as well as damage, in addition to grinding large quantities or harsh foods on it, and it is worth noting that it can be easily replaced by loosening the screws installed her and put a new blade, attention should be paid to the quality of the sealant present in the parts of the blade and the jug.

- Sealant combustion and wear.

- The carbon motor brushes on the bottom of the mixer wear and warp over time; As these brushes transmit movement between the engine and the armature, and if their damage leads to the emission of smoke with the smell, you can find out where they are in order to replace them by reading the manual for use. 


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