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A collection of great tips and ideas from which you will learn how to repair cars yourself

A collection of great tips and ideas from which you will learn how to repair cars yourself

A collection of great tips and ideas from which you will learn how to repair cars yourself
A collection of great tips and ideas from which you will learn how to repair cars yourself

 There are many problems that affect cars, and many of them are difficult for a non-specialist person to know how to repair cars himself, due to the complexity of the car parts, and the car’s need for multiple parts that are difficult to enumerate. Despite this, there are a good number of problems that can be solved without referring to an automotive specialist. It is difficult to enumerate those problems that a person may face in this article, but we will learn how to know these problems, the methods that must be followed in order to fix them, and some necessary tips.

Great tips and ideas from which you will learn how to repair cars yourself!

1 - safety first

Always make safety your first priority! Always use caution, especially when repairing electrical parts, and always wear safety clothing (gloves, goggles, and hat). Also, be wary of hot front engine parts. Also, when lifting a part of the car, do not put any part of your body under it unless you are 100% sure that the car is properly lifted, and that it is firmly in place.

It is also safety, preparing the appropriate workplace for the repair of the car, and making sure that it is suitable and out of danger, and away from children and domestic pets.

2 - Always be careful

You must carry out the necessary steps to fix the problem exactly as you learned it or read it, be sure to read the instructions carefully before starting, during the repair process, and after completing it. Make sure that the steps are in order as described in your maintenance manual. Also, it is important to use the correct, proper and appropriate tools to disassemble or install any part of the car, to ensure that the parts are not damaged by the use of unsuitable tools.

3- The right way to repair cars

To obtain sound results, the correct method of dealing with malfunctions, the method of detecting the problem, the method of solving and repairing it, and the necessary maintenance must be followed, including:

- Before starting to fix the problem, study it well, and search for the problem, its causes and ways to solve it.

- Use a marker or nail polish, while removing pieces with similar ends, by marking one end on the piece and its place to ensure that it is returned to its correct place.

- You can use a photograph of the pieces before removing them to ensure that they are put back in place.

- Or you can draw the parts and their place, especially the electrical ones, and use the drawings to put the parts back in their place.

 - When removing pieces, especially small parts such as screws and nuts, put them in a suitable place and assemble the pieces that follow each other in one group, for easy return and not to put one piece in another place.

4 - Closely monitor the specialist

When you visit a car repair specialist such as mechanics, electricians, body specialists, gear specialists, etc., it is good to take advantage of these times by observing the specialist closely, and constantly asking him about the car parts, the cause of the malfunction that occurred to your car, and how to find out. What caused the problem, how did he get to the root of the problem, then how did he fix it, what parts were needed, and what tools did he use. Little by little you will have a good knowledge base of the most common malfunctions and ways to fix them.

5 - Read the use and maintenance manual
It is recommended that you read the manual for the use of the car, which you are supposed to find in the car when you buy it. The user manual presents the most important parts of the car, which are useful to know. The manual also shows how to use the car, and how to do periodic repairs, such as changing the oil, changing the battery, changing the brakes and other important things to know.

6 - Useful Websites 

The world of the Internet has become more than just sites for browsing and news, but rather it contains many useful educational sites, some of which even rise to the level of universities in the lessons and courses they offer online. The following sites help you find out what has happened to your car, and how to repair cars yourself. The most famous and best of these sites:

Hayens is one of the most famous sites that provides the appropriate maintenance guide for your car and is specifically explained for non-specialists in the field. You need to purchase this guide from the site. AutoMD is a distinguished site because it contains a library of explanatory videos that enable you to check the problem and solve it for any of the car parts.

Workshop Manuals This site offers many manuals for the car according to its make and model, which you can use to identify and solve your problem. ThoughCo is a site where you can learn the basics of auto repair and parts, and provides explanations for many repairs.

AutoZone has a free car repair guide part. CarCareKiosk This site provides many videos and explanations on how to fix problems yourself.

 iFixit is a specialized site for electronic devices and cars, and it is still in the process of expanding in cars. You may find some repair methods explained in a very easy way and supported by pictures.

The Google search engine can also search for the problem by searching the site Google (Google), or on the network YouTube (Youtube), to find people who wrote or explained how to solve the same problem you are facing.


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