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What Does It Mean When Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby? (As Well As How to Fix It)

What Does It Mean When Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby? (As Well As How to Fix It)

What Does It Mean When Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby? (As Well As How to Fix It)
What Does It Mean When Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby? (As Well As How to Fix It)

How do I fix my Uber Eats? Why is there no delivery drivers? Why is Uber Eats not working? How do I talk to someone at Uber Eats?

If you've ever tried to place an Uber Eats order and received information that no couriers were available, you know how frustrating it can be! But don't worry if you don't understand what it implies.

When Uber Eats displays a "no couriers nearby" message, it signifies that your order was sent to all available couriers in your region, but none were able to pick it up. This could be due to the fact that they are all busy or that none of them are working at the time. Regardless, no one will be able to fulfil your request.

There are a few things you may do if this is a problem you frequently encounter. This post will show you how to resolve the problem and how it will affect your food delivery experience.

How to Fix Uber Eats When There Aren't Any Couriers Nearby

For those who live in more remote locations, having no couriers nearby may be a regular problem. It's the same if you order at strange hours when employees aren't working.

If you run into this issue, the best solution is to switch your delivery selection to pick up.

You have two choices from here: either pick up your order yourself or select the restaurant you wish to order from and alter the delivery preference back to delivery.

When a specific restaurant is picked, the order request is often sent to a number of different couriers in the general neighbourhood of the restaurant, increasing your odds of receiving a delivery.

If you've gone through all of this and still can't find a courier, you may have to pick up your meal yourself. You can still use Uber Eats to place an order and pick it up at the restaurant.

Although this is inconvenient for many, it is sometimes the only alternative if you are still unable to locate a courier after a few minutes.

What if Uber Eats is unable to locate a delivery driver?

If you place an order on Uber Eats and the service is unable to locate a delivery driver, the money will be reimbursed to your card and the transaction will be cancelled. To avoid any lingering orders or unreasonable wait times, all Uber services must follow this fundamental rule.

If your purchase is cancelled as a result of this, the best thing to do is wait a few minutes before placing another order to see if any new delivery drivers are available.

It's possible that all the drivers are occupied if you're ordering during a popular mealtime. You might be able to catch them after another delivery if you wait 20-30 minutes. If that's the case, they'll be able to pick up your order after that completing the remaining deliveries

If you purchase at an unusual hour when most drivers are unavailable, it's possible that there will be no delivery drivers available even if you wait. If you continue to place orders, you will most likely have the same problem.

Can an Uber Eats order be cancelled if it takes too long?

If your Uber Eats order is taking too long to arrive, you can always cancel it. However, keep in mind that depending on when you decide to cancel, there may be a price associated with it. This is due to the driver's expenses if they are already on their way to deliver your order.

Here are the actions you'll need to take if you need to cancel the order:

- Go to the bottom menu bar in your Uber app.
- Select your current order by tapping the receipt symbol.
- You'll notice "cancel order" on the order screen.
- After pressing that button, you'll get a confirmation screen, where   you'll have to press "cancel order" once more.
-The order will be confirmed as cancelled, and you will be able to give Uber feedback on why you cancelled it.
- You may now return to the order page by tapping "done."

Keep in mind that you have the option to cancel an order at any time. When Uber Eats asks why you're cancelling, it's solely for customer service input, not to evaluate whether you may or cannot cancel.

If you cancel your Uber Eats order, will you be charged?

Whether or not you are charged for an Uber Eats cancellation is determined by where your food is in the order process. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your order before the restaurant accepts it (typically within minutes).

If you cancel an order after it has been received and accepted by the restaurant, Uber Eats will give you a partial refund.

You will also receive a partial refund if you cancel after the order is placed but before the driver picks it up.

As a result, if you placed an order and were charged to cancel it, it's very probable that your order preparation has already begun.

The partial charge reflects the cost of squandered food as well as the time required by the restaurant and driver to make a mid-trip stop owing to the cancellation.

Is the Cancellation Fee Refunded by Uber Eats?

Uber Eats makes no guarantees about refunds for orders or cancellations, leaving it up to customer care to decide on an individual basis. However, even if you contact customer service after your order has been cancelled, you will most likely not be able to secure a complete refund.

If you only received a partial refund and contact customer support, it's doubtful that they'll fully repay you unless one of their partners is to blame for the cancellation.

That is, if their driver never delivered the food to you or something similar, they might consider issuing a refund because the cancellation was beyond your control.

However, because this is very dependant, you should never rely on a refund or expect that any orders placed through Uber Eats will be fully refunded.


If you're ordering from Uber Eats and are told that you won't be able to complete the order because there are no drivers available to accept the delivery, try updating your preferences to refresh the list of drivers who will receive the order.

If you're still having trouble finishing your order, you may be forced to choose the pickup option and pick up your food yourself. If an order is placed but the driver cancels or Uber Eats is unable to contact a driver, the order will be automatically cancelled and a full refund granted.

If you decide to cancel an order because it is taking too long, double-check where it is in the preparation process.

You will not receive a full refund if it is farther along and the restaurant has begun cooking your food or the driver has picked it up. This is due to the fact that Uber Eats must still pay its partners for the food and time consumed by your order.

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